Dopecast313: The ULTIMATE Arizer Solo Portable Vaporizer Review!

On this week's episode of the Web's Favourite Cannabis Podcast, the Dopefiend presents his long awaited review of the rechargeable portable Arizer Solo vaporizer, which has long been a favourite of some dopetribers despite early models suffering from technical faults. First, the Dopefiend unboxes and charges up the Solo, describes the features and why the early models with ceramic herb chamber were replaced, and fires it up to test it out with some tasty freshly cured bud. While sampling the fresh, cool flavour of the hits from the Solo, the Dopefiend looks into the auto-off feature and the different temperature settings. Next, the Dopefiend brings Son of Gonzo in on the testing of the Solo and the pair of them discuss how portable the unit is, and whether it's stealthy enough for on-the-move vaping, before loading it up and sampling the cool, fresh vapour the Solo produces while remarking on the lack of throat irritation caused by the Solo in comparison with the Volcano, leading to a discussion about where the Volcano and the Solo stand in the modern vaporizer marketplace. Next, the Dopefiend, Son of Gonzo, MildlyAmusedUK and Orson from the London Cannabis Club all hit Panorama Park in the sunshine to test out the Arizer Solo's outdoors capabilities and also to compare it with the WISPR portable vaporizer and the Plenty vaporizer. The DopeTribers in attendance talk about how to load the Solo, how its flavour compares with other portable vaporizer, how battery power compares to butane power and the danger of breaking the glass mouthpiece. Next, the Dopefiend returns to an indoor setting to talk about where exactly the Solo sits in the wide range of portable and home vaporizer units, and how it seems to straddle both categories. The Dopefiend also talks about the pros and cons of the incredibly simple glass mouthpiece and gives his overall impressions, before a Curtis Mayfield-inspred musical interlude from Hophead. Next the Dopefiend takes the Arizer Solo out on public transport, seeing how easy it is to use stealthily on trains and buses, and talking about how the technological advances of recent years have totally revolutionized his cannabis use habits, before finally testing it with some squidgy black hash and giving his final verdict on this exciting new addition to his vaporizer toolkit. Don't miss the first of our incredible LIVE Dopecasts from this year's DopeStock festivities in Amsterdam next week! Email, send us a voicemail, follow @dopefiend and the new Virtual VaporLounge on twitter, and check out the forum.

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Playlist: Sasha Wins & Igor Shep, Trotzkopf - Dissecting A Fog (Andrei Fiber Love TV Remix); Melos - Incapable (original); Professor Angel Sound - GO; Psycliq    - House of the Rising Sun; The Librarian - Slow; Klake - Grace; Mariane Mattoso - Infância; Samba de Rainha - Sem Moral; Ilham Al Madfai - Baghdad; Hophead - Supergrass; Edu Puperi - Valsa da mãe Terra; Barrett Martin Group - Overture I: Barbary Coast; Jahmeekye - God in Control

Sasha Wins & Igor Shep, Trotzkopf
"Dissecting A Fog" (mp3)
from "From Techno With Love vol. 12"
(Future Semantica Recordings)

More On This Album

"Incapable" (mp3)
from "Without an agile mind we are incapable of escaping the tangled mess we call life "
(Point Audio)

More On This Album

Professor Angel Sound
"GO " (mp3)
from "GO Remixed"
(Post World Industries)

More On This Album

"House of the Rising Sun" (mp3)
from "House of the Rising Sun"

More On This Album

The Librarian
"Slow" (mp3)
from "Slow"
(Race Car Productions)

More On This Album

"Grace" (mp3)
from "Still Volume 2"

More On This Album

Mariane Mattoso
"Infância" (mp3)
from "Sinestesia"

More On This Album

Samba de Rainha
"Sem Moral" (mp3)
from "Contrariando a Regra"

More On This Album

Ilham Al Madfai
"Baghdad" (mp3)
from "World Routes - On The Road"

More On This Album

Edu Puperi Quarteto
"Valsa da mãe Terra" (mp3)
from "Toca aí meu!"

More On This Album

Barrett Martin Group
"Overture I: Barbary Coast" (mp3)
from "Atlas"
(Sunyata Records)

More On This Album

"God in Control" (mp3)
from "Spread Your Love"

More On This Album

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