Held in secret annually since 2011, the Dopefiend Cup brings together the nation's finest growers and breeders and pits them head-to-head in a one day event that seeks to crown the champions in the British cannabis field.

There are two titles: Flowers Champion and Concentrates Champion. Growers and Breeders enter one strain in either or both categories, which are then judged by the panel of judges. A winner is announced in each category by the end of the day.

The Dopefiend Cup is strictly an invitational competition. Only entrants and organizers are permitted entry to the judging session, held in a secret London location. The proceedings are recorded in audio format and are podcasted on 


Dopefiend Cup 2015

The fifth Dopefiend Cup is now closed for entrants, who are soon to be told the details for the judging session. Watch this space and our Instagram @dopefiendcup for details of the winners!


Dopefiend Cup 2014

The fourth Dopefiend Cup saw the introduction of the first Concentrates Competition, with judges poet and cannabis activist John Sinclair, award-winning horticulturalist Danny Green Fingers from Soft Secrets, Finn Hemingway from activist group Feed The Birds and James B Nice from Just Be Nice Cannabis Association in Alicante, Spain deliberating over 13 strains of flowers and 7 concentrates. Judges smoked and used a VapeXhale Cloud Evo Vaporizer and an E-Nail.

Part 1 - Flowers Judging

Part 2 - Flowers Judging and Prize Ceremony

Part 3 - Concentrates Judging and Prize Ceremony

Flowers Competition Winners

1st Place

Rustledust - Blues

Prize: A limited edition green miniVAP Vaporizer and a Dabstar Dab Pen

Joint 2nd Place

Old Toby - Nelly; Vince Noir - Toffee Bud; Wee Shug - Sour Diesel x Alien Kush; Blank Steve - Pineapple Express

Prize: C-Vault Storage Tins from PHS Horticulture, Wonder Kush from Sick Meds, Dabstar Dab Pens from Vapefiend, Psychosis Seeds from KG Beans

Joint 3rd Place 

Kem Osiris - K3M

Camembert Beanflicka - Camembert's Indica

Prize - Psychosis Seeds from KG Beans, Dabstar Variable Voltage Dab Pens from Vapefiend, Rooting Hormones and C-Vault Storage Tins from PHS Horticulture

Joint 4th Place

Gavin - LSD ; Penn Chan - Flying Nun

Prize - Liquid Oxygen, SB Plant Invigorator and Lumi Growroom Lenses from PHS Horticulture

Joint 5th Place

Aunt Bessie - Killer Queen

Uncle Ben - Chem Dog Sour Diesel

Prize - A Volcano T-Shirt, Pruner , Lumi Growroom Lenses from PHS Horticulture


6th - Da Hulk - Exodus 3

7th - Timmy - Green Crack


Concentrates Competition Winners

1st Place

Kem Osiris - K3M Ice Hash

Prize - Muad Dib Concentrate Box and a Dabstar Dab Pen from Vapefiend

2nd Place

Andy McDabbin - Space Queen Shatter

Prize - Wonder Kush Seeds from Sick Meds, Bad Wolf Titanium Nail from PHS Horticulture, Dabstar Dab Pen from Vapefiend

3rd Place

Vince Noir - Vince's Reserve 2012

Prize - Large Oil Slick Slick Pad from PHS Hoticulture Psychosis Seeds from KG Beans and a Dabstar Dab Pen from Vapefiend

4th Place

Da Hulk - Exodus Ice 73

Prize - Oil Slick Slick Stack Micro from PHS Horticulture Dabstar Dab Pen from Vapefiend


5th Uncle Ben - Blue Dream Haze BHO

6th Gavin  - LSD Fudge


7th Aunt Bessie - Mixed Strain RSO


Dopefiend Cup 2013

The third Dopefiend Cup was a flowers-only cup, with judges convicted cannabis grower and author of Cannabis Cultivation Mel Thomas, and California-based DopeTriber and expert medical grower Syconot deliberating over 10 strains of flowers. Judges smoked and used a VapeXhale Cloud Vaporizer.

Judging & Prize Ceremony


1st Place

Kem Osiris - K3M

Prize: A VapeXhale Cloud Vaporizer

Joint 2nd Place

Top Monkey Boy - Cloud 9

Wee Shug - Holy Grail Kush

Prize: The Cannabible Collection and a £50 voucher from Vapefiend


Joint 3rd: Blank Steve - Iced Grapefruit; The Cannabis Geek - Holy Grail Kush; Camambert Beanflicka - Mandarin x Early Skunk

4th: Vince Noir Rocknroll Star - Vanilla Blueberry

5th: Rustledust - OG Haze No. 1 x 13 Roses

Joint 6th: Hatchy - Shoreline & Aunt Bessie - Purple Kush

Dopefiend Cup 2012

The second Dopefiend Cup was a flowers-only cup, with judges Clark French, medical cannabis user and representative of the United Kingdom Cannabis Social Club movement; Sanj Chowdhary, Executive Director of NORML-UK, and Vince Noir Rocknroll Star, DopeTriber extraordinaire and resident horticultural expert at deciding the winners out of seven UK-grown strains. Judges smoked and used a Plenty Vaporizer.


Prize Ceremony


1st Place

TopMonkeyBoy - Cloud 9

Prize: a Plenty vaporizer, a Premium membership of NORML-UK, and a Sweet Seeds Goodie Bag

2nd Place

Uncle Ben - Exodus Cheese

Prize: A Sweet Seeds Goodie Bag

3rd Place

Jay Blunt - Steel City Blues

Prize: A Sweet Seeds Goodie Bag


4th - Aunt Bessie - Chem Dog x Sour Diesel

5th - Wee Shug - Aphrodite

6th - The Fishmonger - Shark

7th - Blank Steve - Ice Grapefruit


Dopefiend Cup 2011


Prize Ceremony


The first Dopefiend Cup, held back in 2011, only had one category, the Flowers category, with nine entries from around the country judged by Nexus from the Shroom with a View podcast, Max Freakout from the Psychonautica Podcast, and the Gremlin of Ganja and Jay K from the Dopecast. Judges smoked and also used a Magic Flight Launch Box with water tool to determine the winners.  


1st Place 

Yosser Hughes - Cheese

Prize: a Magic Flight Launch Box vaporizer with Water Pipe Whip, mini Bubbler and Mains Power Adapter

Joint 2nd Place

Camembert Beanflicka - Happy Daze Sweet Afghani OG x Sweet Thai 

Hempnut - G-Bomb

Prize: a Magic Flight Launch Box vaporizer


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LIVE from Hyde Park 4/20 2015 with @ExodusChop, Cassius Tafari, Jake Lewis, Mrs Mole and more. 

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Live audio from 4/20 2015 in Hyde Park with ExsodusChop, Blank Steve and others.


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Teenage Pie, Mrs Mole, Blank Steve, Exodus Chop, The Ridiculous Goth & Mikey smoke it up for the un-official official 4/20

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Nez visits Halmstead for a good old smoke and chat. Cannabis, weed, dabs, extracts, oils, growing, hydro, plants, drug laws, weed bust, police

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The Dopefiend interviews Clark French and his cousin Dale Beaumont Brown about their new cannabis film project Grass Roots.

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