LIVE from Product Earth, interview with Marc creator of The Grizzly Guru Vapouriser.

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Hyde Park audio plus eMails from Chemdank & Meister. Herbs supplied by Blank Steve. Extreme Q observations.



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Live audio from Hyde Park, Pot King vap' update, Jack Herer & Cuvee in the minivap with an eMail from Vince Noir.


Cannabis, vaping, smoking, nicotine, jack herer, cuvee, sugar black rose, minivap, extreme q, crafty, mighty, firefly, grasshopper, police dogs, flowering times, farting, the queen, lizards, podcasting, dopefiend cup, kippax concentrates, medi monkeys, syrup, instagram, owls, amsterdam zoo, terrapins

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Teenage Pie talks to an artist, Mrs Mole & Greg from the UKCSC movement with a 4/20 related eMail from Blank Steve.




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Teenage Pie rambles about GW, 4/20 and the dark web before a pre and post psychedelic evening up at the Giant's Cave with an eMail from Mumbles.


mushrooms, LSD, cannabis, NOS, growing, guerilla, carbon filters, hydro, 2ci, 2cb, blue honey, mushroom tea, crocodile men, DMT, music, GW pharma, 4/20, dark web, DPR, silk road, tripping, set and setting, bad trips, passive air, nos crackers, mushroom craic

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Teenage Pie talks about The Daily Mail vs UKCSC, pain management and cannabutter before eMails from A Lazy Southerner & Utah. With pre-trip audio from The Giant's Cave.


Cannabis, weed, growing, dabbing, vaping, minivap, green crack, ukcsc, daily mail, willy wonka style debauchery, joints, dabs, dabbie, mighty, crafty, plenty, volcano, coco, organic, mushrooms, acid, dmt, 2ci, 2cb, TN, pain, clockwork crocdiles, NOS, composting, fuck combustion, LDS, music, hydro, organics, mycorrhizal funghi, grow collectives, safety, 

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Pt II of a conversation between The Dopefiend and your host.


Cannabis, Spannabis, dabs, trainwreck, northern lights, dopetibe, vaps, firefly, cloud evo, dopefiend cup, product earth, josephine the drugs moth, work, pregnancy, pain management, weed, flowers, consumption, career, psychedelics, creativity, drugs laws, culture, jyarz, satchmo, jay k, podcast relationships, love, friendship, the internet

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Dopefiend interview plus audio from Danny Greenfingers...I forgot to read the eMails...I'll do em next time eh!


cannabis, vaping, growing, NOS, DMT, JH47, Jack Herer, edibles, Mighty, Jyarz, cannabis clubs, spannabis, dabadoo, product earth, pregnancy, pain, drugs, a russian slug called Dimitri, soft secrets, joints, rolling, dabs, cannabis economy, culture, laws, seeds, dopetribe live, Scooby, cofeeshop

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Mrs Mole joins Teenage Pie to talk/argue vapes in a loose Plenty review. Intro dedicated to the memory of Jay K with eMails from Chemdank & Syconot.

cannabis, MS, neuralgia, jack herer, cheese, trainwreck, crack, plenty, volcano, Product Earth, Psychedelics, mixtapes, music, festivals, Jay K, hygge, dopestock, joint rolling, edibles, cannabutter, vaping, heavy users, medical use, pain, spannabis


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In Memory of Jay Kavaney

Over the ten years since the first Dopecast episode, few have had such an impact on the DopeTribe as Jay. He was loved by all who knew him, and will be missed. A truly caring and kind soul who bore more burdens than he could express in his short life. I have selected this episode, Dopecast283, recorded live at the final Big Chill festival, as a special In Memoriam re-podcast.


We miss you Jay.

With Love

The Dopefiend and the DopeTribe

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