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Nov 15, 2007

This week on Lefty's Lounge the Man with the Velvet Voicebox plays a listener story from "funkymarque", plays a new segment called "Stoner TV" by Son of Gonzo, and features Comedy by Mitch Hedberg, Jim Gaffigan, Jerry Seinfeild & cast members from Reno 911; Email:, Skype: prof_lefty, leave your comments, and check out the Chatroom and Forum.

Playlist: The Great Sun Jester - Blue Oyster Cult; Changes - David Bowie; Cookies - Mitch Hedberg; Sidemousin' the bong - Mike Watt; Swann Dive - El Pus; Future Pope - Jim Gaffigan; Sympathy for the Warhols - Pheugoo; If you want to sing out, sing out - Cat Stevens; The Meth Song - Reno:911; Get it right sometimes - Gerry Rafferty; Lookin' out my back door - Creedence Clearwater Revival; Scuba Diving & #1 Fear - Jerry Seinfeld; Nellie McKay - David; Govinda - Kula Shaker; Train, Train - Blackfoot; Crazy Train - Ozzy Osbourne; How Bizzare - OMC; Apeman - The Kinks; So Cal Loco - Sprung Monkey

eleven and a half years ago

Sidemousin\' the bong - Mike Watt
How Bizzare - OMC

but liked it all
oh, it\'s cool that u\'re putting bowie too. i listen to him daily. i think he\'s one of the best whilst high haha