An audio submission from Nick & Vince, Cherry Haze at Product Earth and an eMail from Cloudsofsmoke.


cannabis, moon landings, puppetry of the penis, tinfoil, time tunnel, stargate, autoflower, airpots, nirvana, psychedelics, mushrooms, depression, a nation of bankers, kent, limonene, extraction, edibles, EDS, RSO, GYO, 420, Cherry Haze, Brighton Cannabis Club, Super Stoner Saturday Sessions, endo-cannabinoid THCA-THC, decarb, raw cannabis, juicing, stoner's cookbook, jazz cigarettes 

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Live audio from Jeff Ditchfield at Product Earth plus a conversation with Oli from Breaking Convention an eMail from Chemdank & a sativex heavy intro.




Cannabis, edibles, tinctures, THC - CBD ratios, sativex, GW, pain management, spraying czech stoners, make your own drugs, legal druggies, fuck GW pharma up their eyes and noses, PCP, 25i, psychedelics, acid, natural healing, traditional medecine, monopoly, product earth, chemdank, legal ganja, crafty, volcano, stortz & Bickel, Lester Grinspoon, tattooed hipster dickheads, dreams, aliens, liberty caps, DMT, lemon shatter, rosin, daps, Pot King, Dabstorm, cancer, cannabis and pets, TN, MS, 2:1 THC-CBD, 1:1, 11 hydroxy, liver, patents, Bit o' Lemon, Dopefiend Cup, drug predictions, the PCP demographic, Jelburt Stock, Cludbuster Mk II, Oli, UKCSC's, Greg de Hoedt, trip context, insights, up all night, target doses, scaling, medical cannabis and children, overgrow the government, crohns, peter pumpkin head, dreams, alan watts, 9:1 THC-CBD, epilepsy, autism, miracles, Teenage Pie, help yourself, the message, stoners

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Teenage Pie has the Getting Weed on Holiday Blues with live audio fom Jeff Ditchfield at Product Earth and an eMail from The Captain.




Cannabis, THC, CBD, TN, MS, Cancer, cannabinoids, bud buddies, UKCSC's, entourage effect, THC - CBD ratios, holistic medecine, chemotherepy, left-right paradigm, ethan rousseau, ICRF (independant cannabis research foundation) cannabis politics, whole plant extracts vs pharma, Madrid University, GW pharma, patents, GYO, dreams, alan watts, monopolies, capitalists

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We hear from DGF for Soft Secrets at Product Earth with an eMail from Crimson Impaler and a rambling intro where the Grizzly Guru vape and other stuff is discussed.


volcano, mighty, grizzly guru, jack herer, Blue dream, trainwreck, cheese, pink panther diesel, product earth, vapefiend, soft secrets, ukcsc's, buds & boobs TRIGGER WARNING!!! horrible pervs, Shawshank Redemption, piss tests, THC, UK Hemp Expo, Spannabis, Xxennials, (Nez80, Gremlin of Ganja, Mrs Mole Dopefiend) minivap, Black Drop, noisy volcano bag TRIGGER WARNING!! only two minute's worth don't worry, Permanent Holiday, dreadlocks, 

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LIVE from Product Earth, interview with Marc creator of The Grizzly Guru Vapouriser.

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Hyde Park audio plus eMails from Chemdank & Meister. Herbs supplied by Blank Steve. Extreme Q observations.



Cuvee, Sugar Black Rose, Trainwreck, Jack Herer, Extreme Q, Cannabis and violence, THC, CBD, Endocanabinoid system, bag system, cannabis salad, Lester Bangs, Hunter S Thompso, Gonzo, Dexstropropoxyphene, diazapan, nyquill, election, drugs journalist, street artist, puking,3 grunting sounds, sunny Halmstead, cannabis death index, podcasting, badly read eMails, stoned, northern, idiot, sound levels, in-app editing, excuses, politics, scheming doctors, weed as sacrement, Barbara Harris, spiritual potential of Mario Anna, swampy, Born on the Bayou, dopefiend cup, bribe The Dopefiend, Product Earth, Jambalaya, Stoned Soul Picnic, cannabis psychosis, Amsterdam, Vondel Park, Flowerbomb Kush, high THC anxiety, antidote CBD, breeding, selecting traits, vapour lounge, Green Pound, terrorists on weed, microdosing LSD, tripping, drug deals in a coffeeshop 



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Live audio from Hyde Park, Pot King vap' update, Jack Herer & Cuvee in the minivap with an eMail from Vince Noir.


Cannabis, vaping, smoking, nicotine, jack herer, cuvee, sugar black rose, minivap, extreme q, crafty, mighty, firefly, grasshopper, police dogs, flowering times, farting, the queen, lizards, podcasting, dopefiend cup, kippax concentrates, medi monkeys, syrup, instagram, owls, amsterdam zoo, terrapins

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Teenage Pie talks to an artist, Mrs Mole & Greg from the UKCSC movement with a 4/20 related eMail from Blank Steve.




cannabis, sativex, THC, vaping, Volcano, miniVap, mixed strain salad, Robert Crumb, UKCSC, Hyde Park, Police, sniffer dogs, edibles, joints, illegal, responsible event management, monopoly, making nature illegal, stolen weed, searches, UPA, reform, local, activism 

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Teenage Pie rambles about GW, 4/20 and the dark web before a pre and post psychedelic evening up at the Giant's Cave with an eMail from Mumbles.


mushrooms, LSD, cannabis, NOS, growing, guerilla, carbon filters, hydro, 2ci, 2cb, blue honey, mushroom tea, crocodile men, DMT, music, GW pharma, 4/20, dark web, DPR, silk road, tripping, set and setting, bad trips, passive air, nos crackers, mushroom craic

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Teenage Pie talks about The Daily Mail vs UKCSC, pain management and cannabutter before eMails from A Lazy Southerner & Utah. With pre-trip audio from The Giant's Cave.


Cannabis, weed, growing, dabbing, vaping, minivap, green crack, ukcsc, daily mail, willy wonka style debauchery, joints, dabs, dabbie, mighty, crafty, plenty, volcano, coco, organic, mushrooms, acid, dmt, 2ci, 2cb, TN, pain, clockwork crocdiles, NOS, composting, fuck combustion, LDS, music, hydro, organics, mycorrhizal funghi, grow collectives, safety, 

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