Dopecast312 featuring IoliteKnight

On this week's epsiode of the Web's Favourite Cannabis Podcast, the Dopefiend talks about this week's DopeStock celebrations in Amsterdam, which will coincide with A massive demonstration against the Dutch Government's plans to ban foreign tourists from cannabis coffeeshops, before turning to IoliteKnight, his guest on this week's Dopecast, who sadly can't be at Dopestock despite a concerted DopeTribe effort to get him there. IoliteKnight explains his history with addiction, how he encountered the DopeTribe, and how recent events led him to a real emotional ordeal from which he now thankfully believes he is finally emerging. IoliteKnight explains why he's glad we couldn't raise the money to get him to Amsterdam, and compares his situation to that of recent Dopecast emailer Charlie. Next the Dopefiend fires up his Plenty to get in the DopeStock mood with some fresh and fruity Jamiacan Pearl, before explaining the latest in the Peter Reynolds and CLEAR saga, and how CLEAR members are finally to be given a say in Reynolds's leadership. After a musical interlude from Dopecast favourite the Time Travelling Toaster, we hear some homegrown poetry from Samwise, and Kush King grabs a moment with Soma from Sacred Seeds, before Shockrocket and Stoo bring us the latest Cannabis News, including more on the raids on Oaksterdam University, Tenessee's rejection on medical marijuana, a message from Anonymous, Cannabis farming for job creation in Spain, why stoned drivers are better and safer, the latest on the wietpas in Southern Holland, and the traces of ganja found in a bronze-age grave. Don't miss the Dopefiend's long-awaited review of the Arizer Solo next week, and a week of LIVE streaming video from DopeStock at Email, send us a voicemail, follow @dopefiend and the new Virtual VaporLounge on twitter, and check out the forum.

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Playlist: Noon & Hakan Ludvigson - Platina (Original Mix); Geremy Barrios - Other Way of Life; Yourname - Noised Trip (Original Mix); Justin Vanderberg, Jon Jenkins - From Below; Paola Pelosini - Delícia; Susana Baca - Bendiceme; Pil Oliveira - A Rima do Grande Mar; Projeto Meretrio - Merewelcome; Time Travelling Toaster - Twitch; Ergo - Sorrows of the Moon; Jahmeekye - Fall in Love

Noon & Hakan Ludvigson
"Platina" (mp3)
from "Fortune - Single"
(Clubstream Green)

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Geremy Barrios
"Other Way of Life" (mp3)
from "Other Way of Life - EP"
(Clubstream Green)

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"Noised Trip" (mp3)
from "Layers of Weird Vol.2 (Mixed by Coco Ariaz)"
(Clubstream Mix)

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Justin Vanderberg, Jon Jenkins
"From Below" (mp3)
from "Synthetic Memories"
(Spotted Peccary)

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Paola Pelosini
"Delícia" (mp3)
from "UM"

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Susana Baca
"Bendiceme" (mp3)
from "Afrodiaspora"

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Pil Oliveira
"A Rima do Grande Mar" (mp3)
from "Cool Deep Jingle Blues"

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Projeto Meretrio
"Merewelcome" (mp3)
from "Projeto Meretrio"

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"Sorrows of the Moon" (mp3)
from "If Not Inertia"
(Cuneiform Records)

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"Fall in Love" (mp3)
from "Spread Your Love"

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