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Apr 18, 2021

On this week's 420 Special of Dopefiend Quarantined the Dopefiend is joined by a bong-ripping Gremlin of Ganja, Scoobysnakks, Mrs Mole and Teenage Pie, Green Lady and Scottobaggins, Jay Hobbes, Hudsonrulez and Syconot for a freewheeling stoney sesh covering such diverse topics as the origins of 420, the origins of the Dopefiend Network's 420 celebrations, including the game of Svaristiqué, the Canal Cruises, mushroom trips and other fun, and the general atmosphere of Amsterdam in April, as well as stories of other 420 celebrations in San Francisco, Toronto, how 420 in the age of Covid will be- no more joint passing for one thing! Are we nearing the end point of communal stonage? If so do we really need cannabis consumption lounges? We also discuss some whitey stories, why fainting occurs with some cannabis users like Teenage Pie, a similar story involving Gremlin and some truffles, and another involving Syconot and Nitrous Oxide, leading to some talk about the combination of Nitrous Oxide and LSD and how it can induce a sort of time-travel experience back to ancient times. We then take some time to respond to a post from Redditor dzidzgdmin about how Cannabis isn't as safe as it's made out to be, and also talk about the recent spat between London Mayor Sadiq Khan and former London Mayor and current Prime Minister of the UK Boris Johnson about cannabis legalization, and shifting attitudes to cannabis across the globe, before we count down to 4.20 itself and enjoy some delicious vapey flavours while listening to Jay Hobbes play us out in honour of this special stoner holiday. Don't miss the second season of Grow Nation starting on April 21st right here on! And check if you want to join our all day 420 sesh on zoom.