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Apr 28, 2011

Remembering the “Bear”

Tune in to this month’s BB’s Bungalow ep 44 hosted by ioliteknight . This month on the bungalow we pay tribute to Augustus Owsley Stanley III or the “Bear” as he was known. Bear was tragically killed in a car accident earlier this year in the Atherton Tablelands Queensland. We get a chance to hear possibly one of his last public appearances before he departed this world.

We hear a remix of the bungalow theme by Esseb.

Big Dave sends in a tune.

We have Vape 101 ep 2 with our vaporoligist Niall.

Dreaming Bear pops into the bungalow

Even Dopefiend makes an appearance although I think he picked up the helium instead of the noz heading up the show.

We throw in a couple of tunes and a little comedy, and find out the real story behind Shpongles “My head feels like a Frisbee.

We get down with a Rasta Queen mother.

We also pear into the soap opera that is G13 the grand prankster.

Thanks to pipboy and Bear Owsley for the art work.

I aim to move and inspire you, the dope tribe to be all that you can be!

It’s all about the love at the dopetribe.


So let’s get those spliffs sparked and vapes ignited as you join ioliteknight as we run the gauntlet.

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Show credits:

Podcast artwork thanks to pipboy and Bear owsley.

Esseb for the remixed intro and backing tunes


On twitter @holbytla

Entheogenesis Australis for presenting Bear


Play list:

Big Dave

Let me clear my throat


My head feels like a Frisbee mcshaunzie

Ziggy marley;  love is my religion



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