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Sep 27, 2012

Hemp - What are we waiting for Australia?

On this month's episode we'll learn about Australia's stance on hemp farming and consumption - while industrial hemp is legal to grow here, Food Standards Australia New Zealand have placed restrictions on the growing of hemp for food saying it might send the wrong message to the public and farmers might try and hide illegal marijuana in their crops - after listening to this episode, you'll see that none of that makes any sense. Especially when industrial hemp can be used to make fibre, food, fuel, paper, medicine and even a hemp house!
We'll also be hearing music from our feature band, Midnight Success:

Soom T
The Hemp Comeback - Landline
The Hemp Farm
Hemp - What are we waiting for?
Newsflash: If you are in Melbourne, Dr John Jiggens is holding a book launch on Thursday 18th October at 6:30pm at the New International Bookshop which is in the Basement at Trades Hall.
P l a y l i s t : Puff That Weed - Soom T & Disrupt, Not The One - Midnight Success, Clip: The Hemp Comeback - Landline, Ganja Ganja - Jahtari & Soom T, Tasty Hemp Seeds - The Hemp SeeDee, Clip: What are we Waiting For, Twist and Twirl - Midnight Success.
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