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Oct 25, 2007

Light it up, skin it up, pack it up, roll it up (or turn it on) and sit back and relax at your favourite Bungalow down under for a bumper second episode! 

Chill out to more funky music and Aussie toons, listener's emails with an update on cooking with hemp, enjoy a smattering of comedy and join old-skool toker 'Pete' for his take on the 'facts' presented in the recent Aussie Government's $1.4bil 'Illicit Drug Strategy' - well, you decide!

This episode we also welcome aboard a new regular guest and segment on BB's Bungalow - "What's Up DoubleDoc?!".  DoubleDoc answers your questions on topics including why we build tolerance to cannabis, why stoners always forget stuff, why some of us feel high when we exercise, another viewpoint on the benefits of vapourisers and even the effects of using THC while breast-feeding!

Remember to email or Skype me and leave a voicemail at BlackBeauty1977 with your emails, comments or questions for DoubleDoc (or post at forums!)

Esse B's site is here:

Radiohead's new album 'In Rainbows' can be downloaded from here:

Australian Government National Drugs Campaign is here:

Playlist: Comedy clip - Dominique on Def Comedy Jam; Feel So Good - Esse.B; Comedy clip -     Steve Hughes; Chick Habit - April March; Weird Fishes - Radiohead; Give It Up - Cinco Locos; Comedy clip - Robin Williams; Half a Lamington - Spoonbill.

almost seventeen years ago

Many thanks for clearing that up Scientist Green - looks like I\'ll need to double-check some of the state legislation over there in SA!

Thanks for listening to the show!