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Feb 28, 2008

In Episode 6 of BB's Bungalow, we'll be joined from across the globe by special guests ResinWarrior and LizardTripsta as we accompany them into the realms of salvia space.  

Double Doc returns to answer your medical-related questions concerning DXM and Salvia and we hear more comedy from Flight of The Conchords.  

We also have a special Do-It-Yourself segment on how to make Gurglers or Gravity Bongs as they're sometimes called.  

As always, sit back and chill out with a great mix of music including lots of tracks that you guys have suggested!  And we also hear listener's emails and voicemails.

Continue sending in your medical-related questions for DoubleDoc to or post them on the 'What's Up Double Doc' thread on the forums.  Remember to email or leave a voicemail on Skype for the Bungalow on BlackBeauty1977.  We love hearing from you guys with your praise, feedback, live trips and cool tracks that you would like to hear.

So, sit back and relax!  And remember to chill out with a new BB's Bungalow on the last Thursday of each and every month!

Thanks to Big Dave for putting together this episode's Podcast artwork.

Playlist: Hot Fuzz - Killin' Time Band; TMNT PSA on Marijuana; One Way Out - The Allman Brothers Band; Reign - (UNKLE featuring Ian Brown); Voodoo Lady - Ween; Marijuana Boogie - Junior Marvel (thanks Larz!); Armagideon Time - The Clash; Mary Go Round - South Park Mexicans; Flight of the Conchords - Robot; Thanks for your time - Gotye; Road - Nick Drake.

over sixteen years ago

Boogie\'n down with BB06 is mucho fun.

over sixteen years ago

CLASH, it kicked my ass