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Apr 24, 2008

BB's Bungalow - Episode 8 OUT NOW

Dreaming of Amsterdam....Happy Dopestock!

Join us on Episode 8 of BB's Bungalow as we dream of Amsterdam...

Many of the family are now recovering from the annual event which is Dopestock and many of us are still making our way home from Amsterdam.  

Chill out at your favourite Bungalow down under with some more great Aussie comedy from Steve Hughes and Chris Franklin as well as some hand-picked music from BB's collection, including tracks sent in by thelisteners.

Plus - the Bungalow is 'chockas' with guests this month!  Join Big Dave and Espionage while they chat and spin some of Big Dave's original music including a live digeridoo jam session!  

We will also be joined by the wild yet lovely Hermit Girl for clips of her very first Salvia trip!!

Double Doc is back to answer a question about Ergot - continue sending in your medical-related questions for DoubleDoc to or post them on the 'What's Up Double Doc' thread on the forums.  

Also, thanks to Big Dave for putting together this episode's Podcast artwork.

Remember to email or leave a voicemail on Skype for the Bungalow on BlackBeauty1977.  We love hearing from you guys with your praise, feedback, live trips and cool tracks that you would like to hear.

Make sure you tell your friends so you can all chill out with a new BB's Bungalow on the last Thursday of each and every month!

P l a y l i s t :  Amsterdam - Peter Bjorn and John; De Stad Amsterdam; Little Amsterdam - Tori Amos; Comedy: Steve Hughes; Sinsemilla - Barrington Levy; The Weed Song - Bone Thugz n Harmony; Bomb Bud - Krayzie Bone; Academics - Piper Davis; I Love Marijuana - Linval Thompson; Comedy: Chris Franklin; Holland - Sufjan Stevens.