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Mar 26, 2009

BB's Bungalow - Episode 19
Flowers, flowers and trichomes!

It's been a crazy month here at the Bungalow following jury duty on a cannabis case (!) taking over BB's life recently - listen in to this month's show to hear all the details!

We’ll also be joined briefly by Dopestock survivor and member of the Dopetribe, Star as he plays us some of his favourite tracks of the moment plus as always, I’ve got another hand-picked mix of chilled out and funky music as well as some comedy clips, interviews and emails from you guys!

Thank you to Pip Boy for his podcast artwork which shows an image of the surface of a cannabis leaf under an electron microscope, showing the trichomes that contain the THC - very trippy!  Also, big thanks to mythikl for much of the great music you hear on this show :)

Remember to email or leave a voicemail for free on Skype on BlackBeauty1977.  We love hearing your emails, reviews, trip reports, voicemails, comedy and music tracks that you would like to hear on the Bungalow.

***ATTENTION***  I would like to hear from ladies in the stoner community for an upcoming girl-power show so please drop me a message to and perhaps we can get you on the show for a chat!!******

Seth Sentry


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P l a y l i s t :  Council Estate of Mind - Skinnyman; Don't Ever Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down - Eric Bibb; Train Catcher - Seth Sentry; Interview Clip: Everything's amazing, nobody's happy - Louis CK on Late Night with Conan O'Brien; Anxious - Crayonsmith; Melbourne Town - BabbleKin; Wild Wood Weed - Jim Stafford; Comedy Clip: Dangerous Drugs/Marijuana - Lenny Bruce; To Hell With Good Intentions - Mclusky; Mince Meat - Dangerdoom; Aquarius - Boards of Canada; Kid for Today - Boards of Canada; Interview Clip: Ron Paul with Bill Maher on America's War on Drugs; Alone Again Or - Love; Bedroom Eyes - Natty.

Gather your sesh buddies around and chill out with a new BB's Bungalow on the last Thursday of every month!