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May 27, 2010

​Snippets from Mardi Grass

Nimbin Mardi Grass was held at the beginning of this month and thanks to our correspondent Niall, we have some audio snippets from the first Heat of the Hemp Olympics Bong Throw and Yell which you’ll hear dotted throughout this month’s episode.

This month we'll also hear some cannabis news clips as well as a great mix of music and comedy to help you chill out with some lovely herb.  And if you don't have any herb, then tune in anyway and get a contact high :)

Also becoming part of our regular line-up here at BB’s Bungalow is Tirikite Toker's monthly world music segment.  If you’d like to request a style or region of the world who’s music you’d like to hear, leave a message on the World Music thread on The Grow Report forums:

To send the Bungalow an email, drop us a message to; find us on Skype at BlackBeauty1977; or on Twitter at BlackBeauty.  I just love receiving your emails, product reviews, trip reports, voicemails, comedy and music tracks that you would like to hear on the Bungalow.

KNYO-LP 107.7FM in Fort Bragg, California (Listen online)

Nimbin Mardi Grass

"Hemp 4 Victory"

Alan Watts Blues' Channel

Fela Kuti doco

Mbira Soul Music with Vijaya and Feridun - Chaminuka

Mbira according to Wikipedia

World Music Thread with Tirikite Toker - leave you requests!

The Grow Report Chat room

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Living Life The Way We Do - Karma Farmers Collective

Mercedes Benz Mixed Tapes

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P l a y l i s t :  Herbalist - Alborosie; Grounds For Divorce - Elbow; Clip: Was Marijuana Always an Illegal Substance; Comedy from Steele Saunders; Clip: Canna Science focus on Airways & Lung Function with Dr Mitch Earlywine; Hemp 4 Victory - Alan Watts Blues; Water No Get Enemy - Fela Kuti from The Two Sides of Fela (Jazz); Chaminuka - Mbira Soul Music with Vijaya and Feridun from; Elephant-Hunt Song - Mbuti Pygmies of the Ituri Rainforest  from Mbuti Pygmies of the Ituri Rainforest (1957); Ndoenda Kwambuya (I'm paying my mother-in-law a visit) - Mbira Dze Nharira from Rine Manyanga Hariputirwe; Hemp Olympics event "Bong Throw & Yell" from Nimbin Mardi Grass; Stack The Fridge - Kevin Bloody Wilson; Where Is My Mind - The Pixies; Living Life The Way We Do - Karma Farmers Collective; Borderlines in the Sky - Joseph Yianna.

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