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Apr 11, 2021

On this week's Dopefiend Quarantined the Dopefiend is joined by Syconot in California, Cannaya in Seattle, HudsonRulez in Ontario, Green Lady and Scotto Baggins in South London, Esse B in West London, Jay Hobbes in Wales, the Gremlin of Ganja in London, Teenage Pie and Mrs Mole in Halmstead to celebrate the news that New York has legalized cannabis for all adults over 21, and expunged related convictions, and what this means for the likelihood of national legalization, how New Mexico and even Switzerland appear to be jumping on this bandwagon, we also give some first time advice for New Yorkers about to embark on their legal cannabis journey as the Dopefiend munches on one of Green Lady's brand new medicated vegan Creme Eggs. This leads to some talk about the differences between vape carts and vaping flower, and vaping vs edibles, and how CBD affects the edible experience. We then move on to the possibility of legalization in the UK, following the recommendations of the recent investigation into race inequality in the UK that favoured legalization, how medical legalization has altered the landscape in the UK, including for Esse B who has got the ball rolling on his own prescription process, and who's also celebrating the relaxation of lockdown in the UK, allowing him to meet with the Dopefiend and the Bagginsis for a nice garden sesh at the Dope Den, allowing us to experience the communal aspects of cannabis once again- leading us to consider possible plans for this year's 420 celebrations. Finally we talk a bit about how British Columbia in Canada is trying to get to grips with the problem of medical growers selling excess product on the black market, and stories of how US legal cannabis makes its way overseas. Join us next week for our 420 Special!