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Feb 18, 2013

On this month's episode of the Cannabulletin, we look at why, in the 21st century, some countries see Cannabis possession as more of a crime than violence itself.

The president of Guatemala speaks out against the so called 'War on drugs'.

In America the DEA thinks that Cannabis legalisation would promote drug use.

Closer to home, the potential dangers of sensationlist reporting-er-I mean of 2CB.

Please people, if you are going to take Ecstasy, be careful. We have no means of testing it's purity or strength, as Proff David Nutt pointed out in a tweet about this story.

Professor Dame Sally Davies, the Chief Medical Officer, is yet another voice in the system that concludes that the system is broken and that criminalisation was "deterring drug users from seeking medical help". But what does she know eh?

I wonder how much it cost tax payers for the police to search, arrest and prosecute a man for 50p, yes, 50p's worth of weed?!?!?!

Tough on crime and it's causes? Nope, just a wasteful use of resources in these tough times.

Meanwhile in Israel, newly elected politician Moshe Feiglin wants to legalise Cannabis for over 21 years olds.

Coincidently, The Czech Republic will be buying some of Israel's and Holland's medical Cannabis, after deciding to legalise medical Cannabis use.

However Judge Thomas Teague seems to think that  “Anyone who takes cannabis is rotting their brain.”

He obviously has never heard of Steve Jobs, Michael Phelps, Carl Sagan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Barack Obama or Steven king for that matter.

May I graciously suggest that Judge Teague read about the scientific facts on Cannabis and not quote from his old copy of 'Reefer Madness'.

Here you go.Try this to start off with...

His comments seem all the more difficult to understand when young adults like Emily Bauer have had their lives ruined by synthetic Cannabis.

This stuff really does rot your brain. Please avoid it!

At the very least, if Cannabis were regulated like alcohol, then we wouldn't be in this mess in the first place.

You think we would have learned a thing or two from alcohol prohibition?

Come on America, keep up the pressure!

A scientist in New Zealand has (allegedly) found a link between Cannabis use and stroke! 

I nearly had a heart attack and choked on my Solo when I heard this!

Luckily Steve Elliot was on hand to explain why this may not be the case.

And former heart surgeon, Dave Allen, has his own scientific opinion.

A  bud a day keeps the doctors away!

And finally, Peter Reynolds is once again in the limelight after allegedly posing as a journalist called James Clay in order to try and get some dirt on the squeeky clean activist Sarah McCulloch. 

Peter once described Sarah as a 'genetically confused, half werewolf, half woman'. 

So I'm guessing that there is no love lost there!

You can read this story and other Peter Reynolds related escapades on Sarah's web site.

And listen for yourself, is this the voice of Peter Reynolds or James Clay? 

You decide.

Incidently, Peter is also trying to sue Sarah, as well as fellow activists Greg de Hoedt and Chris Bovey, for the crimes of 'destructive abuse, harassment' and for the heinous crime of being 'time wasting stoners'! 

This from a Cannabis law reform party!

Well that's what he tweeted me and Orson (London Cannabis) after apparently putting Greg's legal writ info on Facebook.

He claims however that as court proceedings are public, this is not illegal.

Even if this is the case, it's at the very least distasteful, unprofessional and not a very good advert for Cannabis activism in the UK.

And FINALLY finally, if you are at a loss as to what to do on April 20th, (420) why not get over to Amsterdam and join the guy's and gal's at NORML UK's annual smokeout!?

It's activism and relaxation all rolled in to one nice big pure fatty! 

So get your clogs on and sign up A.S.A.P!

Thanks to all who tweeted and sent me their news stories. You can contact me too, on or on twitter @homerthestoner

Psychotropically yours.