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Mar 18, 2013

On this month's Cannabulletin...


I'm sure 'El Chapo' is probably a very nice chappie...:)

...I'd still probably avoid him though...:/


When will our governments listen to the people who employ them?


I've heard rumours of stocks being bought back for antisocial behaviour and petty crime.

I've even heard that the act of 'Prima Notte' may soon be reinstalled in certain boroughs.  (IE: For a Tory peer to have sex with your new wife, on your honeymoon, on your bed, while drinking your beer!)

But I've never heard of this!


Drugs are bad, ,M'kay?!


Dubai's Bad, Mkay?!


Smoking pot in Colorado is ok and good for the squirrels, M'kaaaay?!


There was a time when the only place you could get coke from was your local dealer or an estate agent.

Now you can sign up for an introductory trial!

(Terms and conditions apply)


Responsible Cannabis use and safe driving is possible.

Just not at the same time, eh?


Give this guy another prize!


Prohibion has never and will never make economical sense.


Legal production in Holland!


Have you ever been in a job that you're not very good at, but you want to make a good impression and so you pretend to look busy and try and come accross as if you know what you're talking about?

Nah, me neither.

But I know someone who does..

Theresa May has stated that "The government does not believe there is a case for fundamentally re-thinking the UK's approach to drugs – a royal commission is simply not necessary."

She then went on to say, somewhat glassy eyed,  'when I open my wardrobe doors in the morning, there's always a little goat chappie standing there under the lamppost in the snow.

He takes me to tea at the old hollowed out tree beside the brook.

It's very pleasant.'


Another MP off on a 'fact finding' holiday-er-I mean mission in order to find out things we already know and on the understanding that nothing will change once the holiday/mission is over!

Still, at least he's trying to learn, bless him.


Well done Copenhagen but no, you can't buy our Government £approved£, homegrown herbal skunk Cannabis!

It has no medical value, doesn't get you high and is highly toxic!


Thank you to all who sent news articles.

You can send any news snippets you find either to or tweet me @homerthestoner.

Psychotropically yours.