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Apr 29, 2013

On this month's mini, bi-monthly Cannabulletin, we discover that those greedy bankers that got us into a financial shitstorm may have been high on coke at the time!

Bankers on coke?!

Who would have thunk it!

Next they'll be saying that UN delegates are a bunch of yeah, that's right, I forgot!

In UK news, a gang of wholesale Cannnabis smugglers earned £20 Million from their venture, got caught and were asked to pay back £6 million.

Those guys have a pension when they get out!

But remember, drugs are bad and prohibition works.

If you're a drug dealer.

If there was a prize for an activist with the most apt name, then Mr Bob Erb would win that too!

Although I'm not sure he'd give a shit about it considering he's just won $25 million and is donating $1 million to legalise Cannabis!

Thank you!

Here's an example of 4/20 reporting...

Notice how thousands of us dirty druggies turned up and there was minimal trouble.

I wonder if a piss up in Hyde Park would have gone this peacefully?

Here's an example of the usual high standard of poor reporting form the Daily F/Mail.

Don't read it for too long or it may cause psychosis!

And here's an example of how to make the Daily F/Mail look like a  positively professional publication!

Word of advice BBC, if you value you're viewers, don't print bollocks and call it news and don't take anything that Mary Brett says as fact or anything but sheer fantasy.

If you actively want to get your health advice from someone who looks like she died a few years ago and didn't get the e-mail about it, then there's a good chance that you're an idiot!

Just to prove my point, check out how outdated the language, let alone the science, is on the BBC's Radio 1 fact file webpage regarding Cannabis!

It's fantabulas pop-pickers!!!

They should have called it 'how to lose credability in just one page!'.

And finally, I hope you all appreciate the suffering I go through for you guys!

I couldn't read it all, it was too depressing :(

As usual, if you have a story for us, send it to or tweet me @Homerthestoner.

Psychtropically yours

Homer :0)