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Nov 28, 2011

On this week's episode of the Web's Favourite Cannabis Podcast, the Dopefiend brings the news that this year's High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam has been raided by Dutch police and all cannabis confiscated, and links it to the chaos and confusion abroad in the Netherlands regarding their cannabis policy, how it may change, and what it means for DopeTribers who are keen to experience the joys of the Capital City of Cannabis. Moving on to the emails, the Dopefiend reads some praise for Stonemonkey and the team behind the amazing new VapeXhale Cloud Vaporizer, before focusing on the subject of cannabis use and mental health problems, and how cannabis can either be a help or a hindrance for those suffering from depression or anxiety. Heading into the VaporLounge, the Dopefiend explains how, only two weeks after receiving it, he has already broken the Hydratube of his beautiful and well-used Cloud Vaporizer, but this doesn't stop him macguyvering an alternative set up so that he can still use it to take some fruity hits of G-Bomb through a miniature glass bong. Following a mention for DopeTribe Dispatches, Me of Mangled Meditation's board game, and a musical interlude from DopeTriber Dazza, the Dopefiend turns to this week's Cannabis News, in which: The UK's Liberal Democrat party and the former head of MI5 call for decriminalization in the UK, while Copenhagen and Switzerland make huge strides in the march towards legal cannabis use. Email, send us a voicemail, follow @dopefiend and the new Virtual VaporLounge on twitter, and check out the forum.

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Podcast Image by homerthestonerable: "blond pollen". Submit your pics here: or via twitter @dopefiend

Playlist: ei8ht - Am I Dreaming remixed by Jeff T (Jeff T Remix); Filastine, Jahcoozi - Opium Den (Jahcoozi Remixes Desordenador); Cruize of Fiction - Al-Nakba; mLe - Crazy Switch (Original Mix); T.O.B. - Evolutionary (feat. Nonku) (Radio Mix);John Ellis & Double-Wide - Dubinland Carnival; Ralph Bowen - Less Is More; Dazza - The Persistence of Dali; Rootz Underground - Makisupa Policeman

"Am I Dreaming remixed by Jeff T" (mp3)
from "Am I Dreaming - EP"

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Filastine, Jahcoozi
"Opium Den" (mp3)
from "Extra Dirty Bomb"
(Post World Industries)

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Cruize of Fiction
"Al-Nakba" (mp3)
from "Mass Murder LP"

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mLe, DJ Hero
"Crazy Switch" (mp3)
from "Crazy Switch"
(Velcro City Records)

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"Evolutionary (feat. Nonku)" (mp3)
from "Evolutionary"
(Muti Music)

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John Ellis & Double-Wide
"Dubinland Carnival" (mp3)
from "Puppet Mischief"

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Ralph Bowen
"Less Is More" (mp3)
from "Due Reverence"
(Posi-Tone Records)

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No More Babylon
"Propaganda" (mp3)
from "Roots Meeting"
(A la Folie Music)

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Rootz Underground
"Makisupa Policeman" (mp3)
from "Dub Like An Antelope - Legends of Reggae Celebrate Phish"
(Red Hillz Music)

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