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Dec 26, 2011

On the second of this season's record-breaking run of DopeTribe Dispatches, we kick of with Kinguq, who takes the dopetribe on an overnight hike,  giving advice on how to avoid bears, encounters a beaver dam,  and a moose, sets up camp for the night by a lake, and celebrates 420 with a joint of homegrown. Next, leejon420 returns with his account of part 2 of his cannabis career, in which he discovers high grade skunk cannabis, joins the vaporizer revolution and becomes part of the dopetribe! Then, Adam and Charles discuss their recent trip to Amsterdam, the hash they enjoyed there, and how the city has changed in recent years, and also mention the Weed Wars TV series and the fight for legalization in the US. Recent OzTribe Newcomer Sgt Nomad talks about how being part of the dopetribe made emigrating to Australia an easier experience, lets us listen in on his first LSD trip, reports on his recent group shroom and DMT trips with the OzTribe, brings us along on his trip to Entheogenesis Australis, and talks about his own personal history with cannabis. Finally, Ganja girl & Popca Tepetl share some tasty vapes and talk about how much they enjoy  being part of the DopeTribe, how it's enhanced their life as a couple, their first times with cannabis, and their stoner lives in general.

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Podcast image created by the legendary pete21