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Dec 31, 2012

On the last of three astonishing new DopeTribe Dispatches shows new this year from, we begin with High007 and lovefungus, who gobble some shrooms and giggle while talking about picking mushrooms next to a police station, and discuss why Jesus is a mushroom as the sky and stars breathe and the sun rises over the mountain ridge before them. Next, in his final submission this season, ski-slope stoner delta9  test drives his Arizer Solo vaporizer at altitude on the Australian alps, and compares it to his first portable vape, the iolite, with the help of compadres Big Dog and Disco Biscuit. Next, Soloflight  fires up his own Arizer Solo, and chats about  an intense Salvia Divinorum experience from his youth, in which reality tore before his eyes, and his big toe vaporized and led him into a spaghetti heaven! Finally, DopeTribe elder Druidude takes advantage of an unexpected day off, and sets off on a shroom tripping ramble around the beautiful scenery of the Peak District, all the while explaining how he experiences mushroom space, the inner beauty of the human being, the brilliance of the magical forest, and his own spiritual sense of wonder at nature. Happy New Year DopeTribe! Don't miss a brand new Dopecast on Monday January 7th!

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Podcast image created by the legendary pete21