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Apr 28, 2008

On the first of a triumverate of special podcasts live from the festivities of the second Dopestock event in Amsterdam, the Dopefiend is joined by a crowd of listeners and friends of the network on forum member jay_k's pre-Dopestock Boat Party on the canals of Amsterdam. The Dopefiend talks to the Toker and Lefty about how the Dopefiend Network's moved on since last year's Dopestock and what we all love most about Amsterdam before being interrupted by Down Under Dope Diva BlackBeauty who sniffs out Lefty's Red Cherry Berry, then we talk about how the scene in Amsterdam is changing, including the loss of the stunning murals at the now extinct Global Chillage, then Entheo-Pundit Max Freakout tells of his experiences of living in Amsterdam for almost a year, and how the language barrier can make it hard for English speakers in Amsterdam, whether it's difficult for stoners to deal with the omnipresence of good herb in Amsterdam, and how the rising cost of living in Europe is making it difficult for American visitors. Max then talks about his experiences of the World Psychedelic Forum in Basel, Switzerland, the success of his podcasting the lectures from the conference, and how synchronicity and coincidence followed Max there, as well as several Psychonautica listeners, whether Max feels the need to travel to the Amazon to experience some primal psychedelia, what keeps him from a jungle journey, and the benefits of such an ordeal. Then the Dopefiend returns to BB for a chat about her feelings about being back in Amsterdam and a story of a recent confrontation in Madrid and plenty of beer and chocolate in Bruges, before a quick word from dumbfounded Dopecast fan Star, and a chat with boat party organizer jay_k and how he got roped into setting it all up, then a word with Salvia Kid who's glad to be back in Amsterdam and vowing to see some of the more cultural sights of Amsterdam this time round, and JonnyB who's brought his girlfriend Cath along for their second Dopestock. After a musical interlude the Dopefiend moves to the front of the boat with the Toker for a chat with more of the Dopefiend Army, starting with Son of Gonzo who built up to Dopestock with a ten-day Amsterdam smoke-up and some confused stumbling around the streets of Amsterdam on space cakes. The Dopefiend then talks to dreamwithinadream, who's been studying in Holland for 6 months, about his impressions of the Dutch way of life, how he's been squatting in Amsterdam for Dopestock, and about his experiences of coffeeshops outside of Amsterdam, then the Dopefiend talks to forum favourite Xochipilli2012 who revisits the subject of the language barrier in Holland, and also talks about his view of the 2012 hypothesis and what he believes it may really mean, leading to a mini-trialogue between Freakout, Xochipilli2012 and the Dopefiend on the subject, then moves on and talks to DarkSpark about how his home grow was more successful than he bargained for, especially as his tolerance is so low. Finally the Dopefiend talks to The Grow Report Forum's News Chief Pothead about the Verdamper Vaporizers which are installed at the Dolphins Coffeeshop and how they cool the vapour so it's easier to inhale, his favourite strain so far AK47, and how buying a Volcano Vaporizer changed his life. Don't miss the first podcast LIVE from the main Dopestock event next Monday! Email your comments, questions and suggestions to, send us a voicemail and drop by our Skype Virtual VaporLounge, and check out the forum.

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Playlist: Bassnectar feat. Kyrian - Blow