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Apr 27, 2009

On the first of three incredible episodes of the Web's Favourite Cannabis Podcast LIVE from our DopeStock festivities in the Capital City of Cannabis, Amsterdam, the Dopefiend welcomes you aboard this year's Cannabis Canal Cruise and chats to Dopetribe regulars Ostritt and G13 about his arrival in Amsterdam and their participation in a summery truffle trip in the Vondelpark and the importance of siezing the opportunity to commune with the mushroom. G13 describes a very intense cleansing experience he had while the other trippers were chilling in the Rokerij Coffeeshop, then they talk about how portable vaporization has changed the Amsterdam experience, and also list some favourite coffeeshops and some of the early contenders for the DopeStock Cup, before catching up with Squidgy Sid about his experience of the Friday afternoon truffle trip and chatting to the Grow Report forum's Vapor Mod HudsonRulez about how Amsterdam compares to Canada as a stoner tourism destination. An incredibly stoned Mountainhigh takes the mic, and Son of Gonzo gibbers some characteristic nonsense. Next up, DopeStock veteran Bushmiller explains how he's devoted to return to Dopestock every time it happens, and what he likes about nearby coffeeshop and shopping centre Haarlem, before G13 passes round his iolite packed with some tasty Chiezel, sparking some discussion of the mouthpiece options available for the iolite, and G13's love of strong powerful indicas. Following the Dopefiend's recounting of the horror story that was his journey to Amsterdam for this year's DopeStock, involving Sour Queen, lost passports and associated chaos, he turns his attention to Squidgy Sid who clearly won this year's Whitey crown for an unprecedented display in the Greenhouse Lounge, and explains the sequence of events. Last year's organizer of the Canal Cruise, Jay_K, talks about his view of Amsterdam this year and how it's changed, paying particular attention to DopeTribe favourite coffeeshop Amnesia, then Son of Gonzo tunes up and graces us with a bit of classic Bob Dylan. Following a relocation to the bow of the Dopestock Bud Boat, the Dopefiend talks to Dopetriber Blazing Glory and his partner in crime Mullet about their own Dopestock travel nightmare and their mad dash to the dock to board the Canal Cruise, before turning to Komrade who's nominating Cheese for the Dopestock Cup, prompting some discussion of sativa strains Sleestack and the ultra-jittery LSD strain, then DutchBoy tells of his recent embracement of the Podcast Network, and what it's like to live 20 minutes away from the Capital City of Cannabis. Next up, entheo-pundit extraordinaire Max Freakout talks about his experience of the Vondelpark trip session, and how the psychedelic experience never gets boring and how it compares to Cannabis in that respect, and how the new Dutch ban on psychedelic mushrooms has affected their availability in Amsterdam, and how truffles managed to escape the ban, before Stoney and Pothead talk about their experience of Amsterdam, while Pothead loads up his iolite with Chocolope, another favourite among the DopeTribe, leading to a discussion of what strains might be high up in the rankings for this year's DopeStock Cup before talking to Flick and Herodian about the new breed of spruced-up coffeeshops, whether the smoking ban has effected the coffeeshop scene, and whether the tobacco-free smoking mixes provided by coffeeshops are any good.  Just then White Cheese makes a late entry courtesy of Jay_K and Flick, causing the Dopefiend to stop dead in mid-sentence as the stone kicks in, before rallying and talking to Jay about the legality of mushrooms, the fantastic Amsterdam Coffeeshop Directory website, and the coming closure of Homegrown Fantasy, then moving on to speak to Shockrocket who's loading his iolite with a Lefty favourite, Red Cherry Berry, about his history with Cannabis and the quality of herb available in his native South Africa, and his favourite strains from his time in Amsterdam. Finally turning his attention to the beautiful twilight scenery surrounding the Canal Cruise and chatting to Herodian about the dream of living in Amsterdam, and the joys of being able to frequently vist such a stoner mecca, the Dopefiend wraps up the festivities as best he can with a head full of White Cheese. Don't miss next week's episode LIVE from DopeStock at the Cannabis College! Email, send us a voicemail and drop by our Skype Virtual VaporLounge, and check out the forum.

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Playlist: Son of Gonzo - Subterranean Homesick Blues

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