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Mar 29, 2010

On this week's episode of the Web's Favourite Cannabis Podcast, the Dopefiend talks about the planned Dutch coffeeshop strike, and whether it will succeed in its aim of encouraging Dutch cannabis conumers to get out and vote to save their way of life, leading to a mention for the forthcoming Dopestock celebrations this April in Amsterdam, and the quandary facing stoner voters in the United Kingdom this May. Turning to the emails, the Dopefiend returns to the subject of whether taking breaks form regular cannabis use is a good idea, and whether daily cannabis use is often a means of mitigating repressed psychological distress, including some interesting input regarding one's "cannabis retention index", and cannabis as a treatment for hyperactivity. Following a story about some primo bud lost down a dog's throat, and a brief poetic contribution from Podders, the Dopefiend fires up his iolite for the first time in four weeks and talks about his ritual of cannabis use, and how cutting back on herb has increased his enjoyment of it, how plans for Dopestock are coming together, and a drop in the price of the iolite vaporizer . After a reggae-tastic musical interlude, the Dopefiend returns to the emails and talk of whether the joys of Amsterdam ever get boring, why legalization could save Washington over $100 million a year, and Hippy Man tells of another perfect day in the Netherlands. After another report from Christine and a brand new Vaporizer Revolutionary at the Portland, Oregon NORML Cannabis Cafe, the Dopefiend turns to the Cannabis News, and word of an impending ban on the press's demonic party drug of the moment, Mephedrone, Craig X Rubin faces jail time following a trumped-up probation violation, along with a dispensary owner accused of selling pot for profit, Czech stoners celebrate their new laws on cannabis possession, Howard Marks lends his support to the forthcoming Mr Nice movie, and Popeye's customers get an unwanted free gift with their fries! Email, send us a voicemail, and check out the forum.


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Join the Dopefiend, Max Freakout and friends at this year's massive Dopestock gathering in Amsterdam on April 20th: All the info is here:


And register your interest for the Dopestock Canal Cruise on April 19th in Amsterdam:


Check out this week's featured musician, Turbulence in Rise Up Reggae Star if you're in the UK here


Playlist: Onine - Shoot Us; Command Strange - When Your Love Comes Again (feat. Brownee); Liquid Stranger - Deep Down Below; El Farouki - Unknown Gut; Capleton - Recognized; Turbulence - Notorious; Steel Pulse - Farmhouse; The Marc Mena Quartet - She's Gone; La Boutique - Without You; Son Lux - Weapons VI (Alias Remix); Viral Infection - Her Master


Podcast Image: "coffee and joints" by hippy man.Submit your pics here:

from "Mood Swing LP Ft. Trench, End Boss, Techknowledge, Death By Drums, and Kial" (FOULPLAY RECORDS INC)
from "For The Love" (FOULPLAY RECORDS INC)
from "Steel Trap EP" (Interchill Records)
from "The Best Of, Vol. 4" (Night Drive Music) More On This Album
from "First Born Riddim" (Master One Productions Inc.)
More On This Album
Steel Pulse
from "Dub Like An Antelope - Legends of Reggae Celebrate Phish" (Red Hillz Music)
from "Can't Fight Against Ants" (Whatabout Jazz)
from "Works, Downtempo Musique and Other Temperate Tracks" (Mahjong Music LTD)
from "Weapons - EP" (anticon)
from "Mass Murder LP" (FOULPLAY RECORDS INC)
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