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Apr 25, 2011

On this week's episode of the Web's Favourite Cannabis Podcast, the Dopefiend boards the Cannabis Canal Cruise to kick off three weeks of amazing podcasts live from our fifth DopeStock celebrations in the Capital City of Cannabis, Amsterdam. First up, the Dopefiend talks to partner in crime Scoobysnakks about how the preliminary planning and stoning has gone at this year's DopeStock, how it compares to last year's scuppered plans courtesy of the Icelandic volcano, and how the gathered Dopetribe are gearing up for another DopeStock. Next, the Dopefiend is astonished by a surprise stowaway on the good ship DopeStock, and talks to TeenagePie, Herodian and ScoobySnakks about their feelings concerning this special guest. Next, Herodian passes the Dopefiend an iolite packed with some intensely potent indica Nightshade from coffeeshop Amnesia, while talking to him about his experience of DopeStock so far, then the Dopefiend checks in with Mrs. Mole before turning to ZyBear who's one of several Swedish DopeTribers in attendance, and who talks about the quality of buds in Amsterdam and how the scene compares with the strict laws of Sweden. Next, the Dopefiend takes a toke in honour of absent stoners, and talks to Scragtag about his homegrow and the chances of a UK Hemp Expo this year, as well as the preliminary plans for the first ever DopeCave cup. Next, the Dopefiend talks to Ravi Redeye about how hard it is to find a reliable dealer in the UK, how vaporizing actually encourages stoners to seek out better quality herb and how this year's DopeStock compares to previous years. After a brief chat with TeenagePie and Mrs. Mole about the approaching group truffle trip as a monster joint contructed by Ed Borg of Delta-9 Labs flies round the boat, the Dopefiend talks to Smoke Jaguar and Mrs. Ann fresh from their organization of Breaking Convention at the University of Kent and their DopeStock so far. Next up, the Dopefiend turns to the Network's latest signing, Nexus, the host of A Shroom With A View about why he's joining the network, and what the DopeTribe can expect from his shows, including his podcasting partner Co-Host's dubious feelings about vaporizers, what it's like to stay in the Dopepartment during DopeStock, the connoisseur hashes he's unearthed over the last few days, and why Nexus isn't planning on diving headfirst into a truffle trip at DopeStock. Turning to DopeStock V's guest of honour, Ed Borg from Delta-9 Labs, the Dopefiend talks about his incredible strains and what makes them so special before sampling a tasty hit of powerful hash from his glass pipe and talking about how the government pressure on the cannabis industry in the Netherlands is changing the scene. Next, DopeStock veteran Bushmiller tells how it is to again be on the Canal Cruise, and how DopeStock has grown over the years that he's been attending, then the Dopefiend heads over to where Bronze Apprentice is positioned, guitar in hand, to talk to him about his feelings concerning the unexpected intruder on the Canal Cruise, before Bronze Apprentice performs a live musical interlude for the gathered DopeTribe. After getting Bronze Apprentice's views on his first visit to Amsterdam, the Dopefiend turns to DopeStock veteran Dr. Dank about his recommendations for DopeTribers in Amsterdam, before trying to talk to a man of few words, MartialAnt, and then moving on to SGawain235 who is disappointed that the Dopefiend isn't in his customary disguise, and gives his views on Amsterdam and also freetown Christiania in Denmark, which he has just visited, as well as some thoughts on the growing medical cannabis scene in the US, as well as his own conspiracy theory concerning this year's Canal Cruise. Turning to Pothead, the Dopefiend discusses the approaching Vondelpark truffle trip and how he's celebrating three years of Pothead's Coffeeshop, before welcoming Pecos the Cat to his first DopeStock, and chatting to thclee. Next, the Dopefiend talks to Hopot, who's attending DopeStock for the first time from Japan, and also talks to Scottobaggins, Skizz, Number 3 and the Green Lady, who are all first time DopeStockers and talk about their homegrow and how they're able to swap strains with other local growers. Next Chongin and Chongin+1 give their views on Amsterdam, how they balance their different appetites for cannabis and still get stuck into the fun at DopeStock, and Chongin's experience of Salvia and his desire to try tripping on shrooms. Next, the Dopefiend talks to another Swedish DopeTriber, Bagler, about the Swedish cannabis scene, before being interrupted by Ed Borg's pipe, which is being enjoyed by Taozer and Nez, all of whom are looking forward to some psychedelic adventuring, as are two more Swedish dope delegates, Lord of Change and Mog Mog, who've been hitting it very hard since arriving in Amsterdam. Finally the Dopefiend finishes up the fun on this year's Cannabis Canal Cruise by chatting to Highlanda63 and his cousin about their favourite strains so far. Email, send us a voicemail, follow @dopefiend and the new Virtual VaporLounge on twitter, and check out the forum.

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Playlist: Bronze Apprentice - American Daydream