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Mar 4, 2013

On this month's extra-special episode of the Web's Favourite Cannabis Podcast, the Dopefiend heads to Barcelona in order to attend the world's largest cannabis fair, Spannabis. First, the Dopefiend kicks off the day with a very stoney breakfast session at the home of Barcelona-based grower Gordon Green, who talks about the popularity of Spannabis and the rest of the European circuit of cannabis-themed expos and the openness of cannabis culture in Spain, as they work through the selection of gourmet strains gathered for this occasion, including highly potent Wembley, grown outdoors in November! Gordon explains how the Spanish Cannabis Social Club system works, how it is affecting the street-dealing scene in Spain, and how tourists can encounter gourmet herb in Barcelona. Then Gordon talks about his experience as a grower, his strict adherence to natural, organic methods, including making his own pesticide, and his own experimentation in breeding, and what he sees as the benefits of being able to grow outdoors. Finally the pair look ahead to the future for the Spanish Social Club system, before setting off for Spannabis itself, where the Dopefiend runs into friends of the Dopecast Elizabeth and Line from Resin Seeds and CBD Crew, who talk about the success of their strain Cannatonic, and their work with high-CBD strains, which seem to be growing exponentially in popularity, so much so that they've had to reduce their involvement with the Resin Club. The two ladies talk about the latest developments in the Spanish Cannabis Social Club scene, which, despite the closure of the oldest of the clubs, continues to capitalise on the liberal attitudes of the Spanish populus. Next, the Dopefiend heads over to another friend of the Dopecast, Miller, the inventor of the Puff-It vaporizer, who's devoting his weekend to showing Spannabis attendees how his asthma-inhaler vaporizer works. Miller talks about the tough competition in the portable vaporizer marketplace, and how he's ensuring that he can keep up by working on new developments, for example the rumoured new forced-air portable he may be working on. Next, the Dopefiend talks to a true pioneer of the international cannabis movement, Arjan Greenhouse, who talks about how times of crisis have been good for the cannabis industry and how the Dutch politicians have damaged the Dutch cannabis industry and led to the growth of the industry abroad, in places like Spain. Next, the Dopefiend asks Arjan about his Strain Hunters documentaries, and how he responds to criticisms and accusations about how his distribution of hybrid strains may squeeze original landrace strains out. Arjan also talks about how he feels his hard work has ensured the success of the Greenhouse brand in the face of what he sees as jealousy from the rest of the industry, who he believes mostly are only interested in the money, while his focus has always been legalisation. Arjan talks about how he has cleaned up the coffeeshop scene by opening comfortable, trendy coffeeshops, and why he believes we will see Greenhouse coffeeshops around the world within the next three years. Arjan talks about the current state of play with the wietpas system in the Netherlands, but ultimately returns with real passion and anger to the subject of the criticism he has faced, and takes the opportunity to speak out against his detractors, even on the subject of his coffeeshops' burgers, french fries and cheesecake, and also lets the cat out of the bag regarding the launch of his upcoming landrace seed line, Strain Hunters Seeds. Turning from one of the biggest and most outspoken figureheads of the breeding world to a more understated, yet still hugeley successful breeder, Big Buddha, who talks about the growth of his business in Spain, which is in contrast to a shrinking market in his native UK, and how he's been working with Spanish Cannabis Social Clubs. Big Buddha also talks about his success in the USA, the growing interest in high-CBD strains, and the rise of autoflowering strains, which have become a big part of his business. Next, the Dopefiend heads outside for some fresh air and bumps into Jorge, the creator of the subject of last month's Dopecast, the incredible miniVAP vaporizer, who talks about his aim to create a truly high-quality device, and what he was working on in the time between the Dopecast's first encounter with the miniVAP in 2009, and its release on the public market this year. Jorge goes onto talk about what led him to develop a vaporizer in the first place, and outlines the process of development, and also talks about why he feels he is not really in direct competition with most of the other vaporizers available today. The Dopefiend talks to Jorge about why the miniVAP is so different to many other vaporizers, and why it is perfect for medical users, and how Jorge has been working with Spanish Cannabis Clubs, and also how listeners can partake in a very special offer if they want to buy a miniVAP now at Finally the Dopefiend reconnects with Gordon Green to look back on an incredible day at Spannabis.

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