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Oct 30, 2006

The Web's Favourite Cannabis Commentator presents another bumper edition of the Dopecast, in which he returns to Vaporizers, in particular portable ones, talks pocket sized bongs, more about the rash of adulterated weed in the UK, Why more men use Cannabis than women, And news of the Canadian Church busted for selling weed, the UK ad campaign spreading anti-cannabis propaganda, and how cannabis can actually improve male fertility! Email, leave a comment, subscribe, Skype us, visit the forum at, and listen to over 80 hours of FREE stoner entertainment at

The Keeper of Friendship's weed-based religion is here
Heraclitus linked us to Lester Grinspoon's Marijuana Uses Site:
And The Eterra Tulip and Moxie Vaporizers:
The Pocket Rocket Bong can be found here
And the Pfwoot inflatable bong is here
Pothead pointed us to some info on about adulterated weed
For more on adulterated weed, check out Soft Secrets especially this article and

Playlist: Dj Disse - Eqyptian Disco; Salt Talk - Sargasso Sea; The Winston Giles Orchestra - Mercy for the Wicked; Ravi Prasad - Indian Gipsy; Morphine - Good; Theolonius Monk and Gerry Mulligan - I Mean You (Take 4);  Crystal Method - She's My Pusher; William Orbit - Montok Point

almost eighteen years ago

another great show
i left a voice mail of me hitting a bong, if you can here it...
that was all for you man, and that shit realy fucked me up.

almost eighteen years ago

Been gone for awhile good to see your still going and the quality of the shows is still high.