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Aug 27, 2007

On this Carnival Weekend edition of the Web's Favourite Cannabis Podcast, the Dopefiend talks about the return of Queerninja and the response from listeners, the preliminary preparations for Dopestock 2008 (book your flights now!), then discusses the relationship and conflicts between religion and Cannabis use thanks to a voicemail from Christian stoner VectorVillain and how to deal with family and friends who frown on drug use, then follows on from our Big Chill discussion on Nitrous Oxide, its addictiveness and dangers associated with repeated use, some advice from Truthmissile about how to register as a Medical Marijuana user in one of the states that have Medical Marijuana schemes, the amazing story behind the origin of the Romulan strain, and his own personal recommendation for vaporization both at home, and on the move, then some Volcano-related chat from new Volcano user Marilyn on how best to grind her herb. Then it's in to the VaporLounge for a nice bag of fresh Grape Fruit from Canada, and some chat about Mail Order Marijuana scammers and how to avoid them, then we sit back and enjoy a musical interlude sent in by music producer Chris Suspect. Back in the main studio, and a couple of bags later, the Dopefiend answers some questions about making Cannabis-flavoured alcoholic beverages and some commercial legal versions, then talks about Richard Dawkins, from memetics to atheism and gives his own take on "The God Delusion", then moves on to an explanation from Drew on why the recent Lancet study about the links between Cannabis and psychosis isn't anything to worry about, some talk on lucid dreaming and how to induce them, then a clip from the testimony of Federal Marijuana Patient Irving Rosenfeld courtesy of madseason. In this week's Cannabis News: why the feds may soon start drug testing your sewage, how Cannabis-using parents are to be treated pragmatically in the UK, and some good news for Texan stoners. Email, leave your comments, Skype my face, check out the Chatroom and don't forget to register at our brand new forum!

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The Viking Youth podcast on Richard Dawkins and Memetics is here:

The testimony of Irving Rosenfeld is here:

Playlist: Ananda Project - Into The Sunrise; Preservation Hall Jazz Band - Over In The Gloryland; John Lee Sanders - Midnight in New Orleans; George Kontrafouris - Teenie's World; The Pietasters - Taster's Choice (  Bitter:Sweet - The Mating Game; Phil Brown - If 6 Was 9; Jessica Williams - Out And Out Blues; Phillip Walker - Walking With Frankie
"Into The Sunrise" (mp3)
from "Fire Flower"
by Ananda Project
(Nite Grooves)
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"Over In The Gloryland" (mp3)
from "Made in New Orleans: The Hurricane Sessions"
by Preservation Hall Jazz Band
(Preservation Hall)
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"Midnight in New Orleans" (mp3)
from "Live At Rock Beach"
by John Lee Sanders
(John Lee Sanders)
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"Teenie's World" (mp3)
from "Little Daddy's Blues"
by George Kontrafouris
(Chicken Coup)
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"Taster's Choice" (mp3)
by The Pietasters
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"The Mating Game" (mp3)
from "The Remix Game"
by Bitter:Sweet
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"If 6 Was 9" (mp3)
from "The Jimi Project"
by Phil Brown
(Apaches From Paris)
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"Out And Out Blues" (mp3)
from "More For Monk"
by Jessica Williams
(Red And Blue Recordings)
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"Walking With Frankie" (mp3)
from "Going Back Home"
by Phillip Walker
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