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Jun 7, 2016

Hyde Park audio plus eMails from Chemdank & Meister. Herbs supplied by Blank Steve. Extreme Q observations.



Cuvee, Sugar Black Rose, Trainwreck, Jack Herer, Extreme Q, Cannabis and violence, THC, CBD, Endocanabinoid system, bag system, cannabis salad, Lester Bangs, Hunter S Thompso, Gonzo, Dexstropropoxyphene, diazapan, nyquill, election, drugs journalist, street artist, puking,3 grunting sounds, sunny Halmstead, cannabis death index, podcasting, badly read eMails, stoned, northern, idiot, sound levels, in-app editing, excuses, politics, scheming doctors, weed as sacrement, Barbara Harris, spiritual potential of Mario Anna, swampy, Born on the Bayou, dopefiend cup, bribe The Dopefiend, Product Earth, Jambalaya, Stoned Soul Picnic, cannabis psychosis, Amsterdam, Vondel Park, Flowerbomb Kush, high THC anxiety, antidote CBD, breeding, selecting traits, vapour lounge, Green Pound, terrorists on weed, microdosing LSD, tripping, drug deals in a coffeeshop