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Apr 20, 2009

Join Zandor & Mrs.Z once again this year for yet another super spectacular 420 show!!

Play the game and see if you can hang with Z on this 420 day!!

This is a BIG download but well worth your time IF you want to Rock & Roll!!!

Time to party of dude!!!

popoca tepetl
over fifteen years ago

Dont be a hater NY Vap. I like the format of this show, it is nice to hear mr n mrs z dj some tunes. Sometimes you just want to have something to passively listen to while going about your routine, most other shows you have to listen intently on every spoken word. This show is like a power hour where you bake instead of booze...lots of novelty in this episode.

NY Vaper
over fifteen years ago

GR 79 was a complete waste of download time and disk space. I enjoy the Z\'s commentary on cannabis related issues and always appreciate the grow info. That\'s what makes the report worth listening to. My ipod is already loaded with the music I enjoy so please don\'t try to be my DJ.