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Nov 22, 2020

The Dopetribe are back to mark the conclusion of's first season of Grow Nation with a special one-off Dopefiend Quarantined episode, where the Dopefiend is joined by our very own Hudsonrulez who talks about his experience of podcasting for the first time, and how this year's lockdown grow cycle has gone, as well as TeenagePie and Mrs Mole in Halmstead, Scottobaggins and Green Lady in South London, HempressRising Jade in North London, and MangledMe in Colorado. The group chats about creative ways to stay sane in lockdown such as musican jam sessions and art, how work has changed for us DopeTribers this year, how much fear of coronavirus there is out there now compared to earlier in the year, what are the positive sides of this year of lockdown and how have our weed usage patterns been impacted and what devices have we been using, with chat about the Dynavap range and the Puffco Peak Pro, what other drugs DopeTribers have been doing to pass the time, with chat about mushrooms, acid, MDMA and ketamine, including TeenagePie's stories about being high in inappropriate places, Jade's mushroom tequila, and Scotto and Maria's Doctor Sleep Ketamine sesh, and finally we move on to the recent American election and its aftermath. We'll be back on Christmas Day for a 12 Strains of Christmas Special- to take part email or tweet @dopefiend. See you then!