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Mar 26, 2011

Poke! Stab! Pinch! Pester! @#$!?! Take a hit of something, or several, and join in on the fun as you ponder Musical Palsey's fourteenth 37 minute podcast of Mangled Meditations. Headphones Strongly Recommended. Guilt optional.


Playlist and/or credits of borrowed items +/-

Got to Getcha Into my Life - The Beatles; Big Dave; Apple IIe Boots up; Song of Life - Leftfield; Unknown Cut - Lenine; Sony; Texas Chainsaw Massacre; Chicago Riot on Sheridan Road; The Adventures of Letterman; Hungover Rock Climber Dry Heaves; Tasty Planet; Finders Keepers - David Dunn; Moon Baby; Kaitlyn; Heidi; Mac; Brick - Dazz; Fox New Protesters; Me; Dopefiend; Alicia Bridges - I Love the Nightlife; Victor Brady - Brown Rain; Nella Fantasia - Paul Potts; Treeeep2 - Big Dave; Fig Jig - Big Dave; Voices - Big Dave; Different Strokes Theme Song; Land of the Lost Theme Song; Jimmy C; In the Hall of the Mountain King - Boston Pops Orchestra; A Go Go - Bob McAllister; Fingleheimer - Bob McAllister; Squeegee the Happy Clown - Rocking Horse Orchestra and Chorus; The Unstoppable - Substep Infrabass; 666 - Substep Infrabass; .doG - Substep Infrabass; Suspicion - Terry Srafford; I Go To Sleep - Pretenders; Bewitched; Pepe Scats; Sesame Street Closing Theme; Carnival of the Animals - John Lithgow; Buglar's Dream - Arnaud; American/Soviets - CCCP; Chevy Chase; Major Tom - Peter Schilling; Disinterested Fellow; Green Eggs and Ham - Dr. Seuss