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Jul 31, 2011

The bias deranges Me before long. Me rephrases you. Does you toe the line on top of the line of the wrap behind it? Your values do kiss likely strangers across the opus. How can you dress without Me? Does Me relax after a squad? Hit of something (or several) to ponder what hell is going on as you experience Musical Palsey's eighteenth episode of Mangled Meditations.


Playlist and/or credits of borrowed items +/-
Crash Worship – Shadow Weapon, ScoobySnax hosting Dopetribe Live, Sound Snap,  Bobbie Vee – Punish Her, J. Arel – Dreamy Party, Real West Blind-reader's vinyl Flexidisc, Chimney Crow - Astral Projection, Vega, Native Texan birds, Theme from Soap, Aqua – Barbie Girl, Little Rascals Theme, Illustrated Children's Bible, The Muppet Show Album, The Villagemen – Stranger in Harlem, misc riot, Batman – If Music Be the Food of Death, National Geographic – Songs of the Humpback Whale, Nightinggale Conant Corp – The Boss, Custom Record, The Paul Butterfield Blues Bland - One More Heartache, Betty White - Learn How to Cha Cha, Education Connection commercial, Dopefiend, Christine, Fortune Telling machine, Santa's Workshop versus forces of nature, Guy far too amused by a balloon popping, various sounds around the world around Me.

Special Thanks to:
Mistress anonymous, Me's Son, Mikek, Blank Steve, and, as always, pure coincidence.

Cover art created by luxnatura. Thanks again!

If you have any comments, complaints, suggestions, questions, or sound clips you would like to hear in a future show, please send them to Me (