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Aug 27, 2011

Lots of wrongness here. Lots of human wrongness. Random wrongness.

It's wet, it's sticky, it's stinky, it's uncomfortable, it's funny, it's interesting.


Playlist +/-
Computer Speech, Dateline NBC - To Catch a Predator, Me's Sis, Smurfing Sing Song, Jason Kruk and friends, soundsnap, Me's Son, Anonymous assholes, Pipe Organ Pops, Adventures in Odyssey, Mormon Rap, Revenge of the Nerds, American Wedding, AM Preachers, Doug E. Fresh - Nuthin, Winnie the Pooh, Unknown Cat Conversation, It's Okay to Say No!, Smith Galtney, Dr. Skein - Teach Your Child to Read, random You Tube footage, found-sound, Bob and Elmo, Gospel Duck with Len Mink, Dr. Jack Van Impe, Don Imus - God's Other Son, Scott Alexander - Don't Be a Hamburger, Home Star Runner., Mikek, Theme from Alice, Zick Pranks, Some talk show, Drunk Arab Girls, Eagles - Victim of Love, Ted Bundy (the movie), Anneliese Michel, Robert Goulet and Sally Anne Howes - Almost Like Being in Love, Random Porn, Jesus Sounds Explosion, Adam Griffin, A.D. Miles, Lou Reads the Internet for You, Hayseed Dixie - Big Balls, Don Music, Superbad, Chris Hansen, Kevin Allison, Marcy - I Love Little Pussy, Mrs. Slocombe of Are You Being Served?, and other unknown or otherwise unresearched audio.

Special Thanks to: Jim, Kevin of the RISK! podcast (, and countless centuries of toilet humor.

If you have any comments, complaints, suggestions, questions, or sound clips you would like to hear in a future show, please send them to Me (