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Jun 14, 2020

Back every Sunday with the show that gathers stoners online and asks them to solve the world's problems, Dopefiend Quarantined, The Dopefiend is joined by London medicated chocolatier Hempress Rising as well as DopeTribers Scoobysnakks, Teenage Pie, Mrs Mole, Scotto Baggins, Green Lady, Gremlin of Ganja, J Hobbes in Warsaw and Hudsonrulez in Toronto for a taboo-busting chat about racism, the importance of historical monuments, the racism/heroism of Winston Churchill, will veganism one day be mandated by law? Will genders become outdated, over-reductive modes of human categorization, is JK Rowling really a bigot, and is Mrs Mole a Transphobe? All these questions will be answered! Join the debate by emailing, tweeting @dopefiend and following Instagram @DopefiendQuarantined