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May 27, 2011

Pecos the Cat was in town recently so of course, the Dopetribers caught up for a 420 sesh so we’ll be joined by Pecos along with IoliteKnight to the backdrop of the Melbourne soundscape. We’ll be chatting with pecos about a recent mushroom trip, the magic flight launch box and Pecos’ adventures at Dopestock just last month!


As well as our chat with Pecos, we’ll have this month’s world music segment hosted by Tirikite Toker who will be joined by Volcano Angel and a special guest, The Turkish Bard who’ll be treating us to some live Turkish music as well as some local toons heard in the Parvati Valley where Tirkite Toker and Volcano Angel have just returned from.


We'll also have an important update about episode 3 of Vape 101.


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How to use Marijuana - Terrence McKenna


Mangled Meditations podcast on


Urban Smoker podcast


Planet London Radio – live chat with the Dopetribe


Burning Seed Australia




Playlist: Burning – Kora; Ganja Farmer – Marlon Asher; Clip: How to use Marijuana – Terrence McKenna; Clip from Rush Hour 3: He is Mi and I am Yu; Everybody must get stoned – Bob Dylan; Stoned Soul Picnic – Laura Nyro; Inspiration Drive – Dubmarine.

World Music Playlist from Tirikite Toker: Varanasi Sadhu singing to Lord Shiva; Narender Thakur - Nardev sing ki nathi; Gopal Shankar Mishra - Raga Mishra Pilu; Narender Thakur - Lakha bola lakha ri.


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