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Jul 14, 2012

Pothead continues the monthly series with your chance to put your own stamp on the Podcast Network!

This month we have a listeners show sent in from High007. Pothead makes an apology to the dopetribe and we gear up for our new meet up in just 3 weeks’ time!  Don’t forget to send those shows in for your chance to win a vaporiser!

August meet up details;!-Not-to-be-missed!!!

High007’s Playlist;
Intro & background music from: HVYHTTRS 21 on Podomatic;  Clip from Doggy Dogg World; Snoop Dogg and Doggystyle; Clip - What's the Difference; Chronic 2001 by- Dr. Dre ; Marijuana Chant; Clip – It’s Rush Limbaugh! By Family Guy; Bob & Friends over There by Ijahman; Clip – Corrupt cop by Family Guy; We'll Be Burnin' (Legalize It ) by Sean Paul; Dazed And Confused - Mary Jane; Movie Skit - High Scores by How High?; Sweet Sensemilla by Mystic Roots; Skit - Cartman Stoned; Rastaman Vibrations by Bob Marley; The Bong Song by Weird Al Yankovich; I'll Never Smoke Weed With Willie Again by Toby Kieth; Skit - Drugs Are Bad by Southpark; Misty Morning by Bob Marley; Movie Skit - Jay's Rap by Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back; Us And Them by Pink Floyd;  Talkin' Blues by Bob Marley; Marcus Hero by Ijahman; Nobody Can Stop Reggae by Lucky Dube

Submit your own show and you could win yourself a Vaporizer!

Want to put a show out on Pothead’s Coffeeshop? You could win yourself a Vaporizer!  It couldn't be easier! Record a show in mp3 Format! About 10-60 minutes in length, about anything you like (check passed shows or ideas if you’re stuck). Then upload it to www. (which is free and easy to use) then send the link AND show notes (tracks played, links etc) to pothead along with your name or whether you wish to remain anonymous.