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Jan 4, 2008

Forum faithful and Chat regular Pothead brings the Christmas break to a close with his own selection of musical delights to get your weekend started extra early. Find him at the forum, and prepare your drug addled brain for the return of the Dopecast on Monday here at

Playlist: 12 pains of xmas - bob rivers; Butterball - Bob Narley; the more i drink - blake shelton; The scotsman song; grow more weed - Howard marks; Guitar - Prince; What if god smoked cannabis; Hand On The Pump - Cypress Hill; Latin Lingo - Cypress Hill; Stoned Again; Doobie Ashtray - Devin The Dude; no xmas; Crusty the Snowman - The Killer Kona Buds;
Hojo; Dopefiend - Afroman; David - Nelle McKay; Santa Clause is Selling the Brown - Bob Narley