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Apr 19, 2013

KMO and Olga re-launched the Psychonautica Podcast one year ago on 4/20. On this 1st anniversary episode they talk with Matthew J. Pallamary, whose novel, Land Without Evil has recently been transformed into a stage a aerialist show. Later they share a conversation with Xeno Philia, a fellow psychonaut they met at a gathering of Lex Pelger's NYC polyamorous posse. They had assembled to hear Lex present a talk he calls The Future of Fornication - Open Love in the Dropout Generation. Olga and XP want to hear more female voices in the conversation around psychedelics. Is the psychedelic subculture really such a sausagefest or are there a great many female voices waiting in the wings for the men to shut up so they can have their say? Music by Daniel Loew