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Mar 23, 2007

Welcome, fellow psychonauts, to the third Freakout Friday. Let the vigilant sentries stationed at the portals of your mind take five as Stealth Maestro KMO and the Dopefiend network's very own certified psychedelic scholar slip inside your mind and upgrade your memeset with new distinctions, like the difference between flashbacks and HPPD. Ponder the source of the mysterious "voice" of the mushroom and ayahuasca spirits and review past lessons with return visits to KMO's conversations with Lorenzo of the Psychedelic Salon and LSD researcher, Dr. Charles Nichols.  Catch a glimpse behind the veil as our intrepid podcasters delve into listener email and struggle to remind one another just what in the heck they were talking about before they got distracted by the undulating geometric patterns crawling over the living, breathing, inter-dimensional walls. Email or, check out the forum and chatroom, and leave your comments below.


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