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Aug 24, 2007

In this episode of psychonautica, Max Freakout talks about the Dutch smartshop scene, the recent ban on yohimbe and forthcoming changes in the Dutch policies on magic mushroom sales, then in response to a recent dopecast, Max discusses the benefits and dangers of MDMA and ecstasy, their potential role as 'love drugs' and their psychedelic properties, and the attitudes of mass-media towards illegal drugs versus the legal ones. Hear an announcement of the forthcoming World psychedelic forum in Switzerland and a discussion about some of the speakers who are going to be there including a brief explanation of Stanislav Grof's contributions towards psycedlic psychotherapy, then a review of Andrew Letcher's recent book about magic mushrooms including a discussion about the differences between amanita and psilocybe mushrooms and the importance of that distinction for theories about the origin of religion. Finally Max reads out a 2cb trip report from shaggz1297 involving paranoid delusions and passionate romance. Email leave comments, Skype us, and join the ever-growing Psychedelic community hanging out at the forum.

Playlist: Massive Attack - 'Teardrop' (Mad Professor Mazaruni vocal mix); Gnarls Berkeley - 'Crazy'

World psychedelic forum website:


Max Freakout
almost seventeen years ago

thanx man, i highly recommend his book \\\'LSD psychotherapy\\\' i couldnt put it down until id read the whole thing, it\\\'s an incredible book, he carried out LSD-based psychotherapy with over 4000 people, so he\\\'s an encyclopedia of case studies, and the efficacy of the psychedelic approach speaks for itself

almost seventeen years ago

Great show Max. Very interesting to learn that Stanislal Grof is into psyhcedelic therapy. I know he was involved in Transpersonal Psychology, but it looks my text books and lecturers failed to pass that on to us as students!

Think it\\\'s time to re-learn his work :)