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Jan 25, 2008

In this fortnight's installment of psychonautica, Max Freakout talks about issues raised in listener emails and forum posts, including the war on drugs and it's effects on entheogen users in the U.S, the difficulty in making large profit from psychedelic drugs compared to addictive drugs, the 1960s hippie movement and varying opinions about its legacy in the modern world, irresponsible use of entheogens, the progress of youth culture since world war 2, a comparison of the persecution of homosexuals to the illegalisation of entheogens, the effects of cannabis on dreams, the unhelpful and completely innacurate drugs education given in modern schools, the official policy of lying about drugs, the possibility of a drug taking licensing system, the need for a shamanic context for drugs-use, the magic mushroom scene in Amsterdam compared with ayahuasca groups around Europe. Max then reads out a sample from forthcoming novel 'Beyond the Basin', and goes on to talk about Norse mythology, its references to entheogens such as the viking 'brew of poetry', and the broader picture of the relation between mythology, life ad entheogens. then Max reads out a brief Salvia trip report including an experience of 'seeing the future', then talks about the relation of entheogens to Buddhist practise, including the entheogen-diminishing bias in modern Buddhism. finally, Max reads out an email about a listener's experience of science-fiction induced psychosis, negative visionary experiences, and the importance of entheogens in the battle against fundamentalism. Email leave comments, Skype us, and join the ever-growing Psychedelic community hanging out at the forum.

Playlist: Morcheeba - The sea; Gaudi - Ayahausca deep fall