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Jul 25, 2008

In this week's edition of psychonautica, Max first says R.I.P to George Carlin, then mentions a new psychedelic music podcast, 'behind the eyelids' by Zeke0. Next, Max plays a talk from the world psychedelic forum, from several members of the MAPs team, called 'kicking the habit, Ibogaine in the treatment of opiate addiction'. They talk about the ibogaine containing plant, Tabernanthe Iboga, and its shamanic use by the Bwiti tribe of Gabon, its use for 'binding across time' and meeting tribal ancestors, clinical studies of ibogaine with opiate addiction, the history of the Western discovery of ibogaine, the illegalisation of ibogaine in various countries, underground supplies of ibogaine, the ban of ibogaine for olympic athletes, ibogaine related deaths, the process of ibogaine therapy, the 24-36 hour long trips, the importance of aftercare following the trip, ibogaine as a catalyst, not a cure for addiction, ibogaine retreats, necessary precautions for ibogaine treatments, the range of substance addictions treatable with ibogaine, the duration of ibogaine treatments, the transpersonal approach to treatment, the difference between a guide, a sitter and a facilitator, statistics relating to ibogaine treatment success, and the ibogaine afterglow.
In the second part of the podcast, Max gives a detailed trip report from his recent ayahuasca initiation, involving 2 very different experiences over a weekend, with a shaman and a proper ceremonial setting.. Email, and hang out with the friendly community of psychonauts at

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Playlist: Alpha Rhythm - open ending

almost sixteen years ago

That was a grippingly beautiful description of the ayahuasca experience you had, Max. I got intense goosebumps when you told about the part where the shaman pierced you with his knowing gaze. Truly amazing.
Keep up the good work with this podcast!