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Aug 22, 2008

In this week's installment of psychonautica, Max Freakout plays the second part of the panel discussion started last week between Carolyn Garcia, Ralph Metzner, Dale Pendell, Cynthia Palmer and Michael Horowitz entitled 'The birth of the psychedelic movement, a look back at another America'. This is the question and answer session at the end of the discussion, topics that are discuused include the books written by switched on academics in the 1960s, the importance of dialogue and circle formation for the psychedelic movement, the importance of the internet, the Gaia hypothesis, what psychedelics can contribute to the modern world, psychedelic churches and the possibility of setting up an LSD church, Orwellian doublespeak in the capitalist marketplace, the initial flowering of the psychedelic movement with Albert Hoffman's discovery of LSD and the public availability of scientific data, the progress of the psychedelic movement and visionary subcultures. Finally Max mentions the new book by Paul Stamets
'Mycelium running - how mushrooms can save the world' and talks about the discovery of fungus growing inside the disused nucear reactor at Chernobyl. Email and join the growing community of friendly psychonauts hanging out at

Playlist: The Kumba Mela experiment - East of the river Ganges