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Aug 29, 2008

In this week's installment of psychonautica, Max Freakout first announces the recent addition of the word 'entheogen'to the Oxford English dictionary. Next, Max plays the first half of a 2-part talk from MAPS and a Swiss psychedelic research group SAEPT called 'Swiss psychedelic pilot studies, beginning anew where LSD began', Rick Doblin introduces the talk with a rundown of the history of psychedelic research in Switzerland,and talks about Swiss MDMA studies and the beginning of Swiss LSD studies. Next, PEter Gasser talks about MDMA assisted psychotherapy, the structure of treatment, the therapeutic setting used for the study, the progress of the study so far, neurochemistry of PTSD, the efficacy of MDMA compared to the standard SSRI medication,the effect and neurochemical action of MDMA, establishing a trusting relationship with patients, follow-up contact with patients following MDMA treatment, difficulties talking about traumatic experiences, and ways of overcoming this difficulty, additional techniques
to MDMA ingestion such as bodywork and music,and the variability of MDMA therapy sessions. Email and join the growing community of friendly psychonauts hanging out at

Playlist: Frank Zappa - Help I'm a rock