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Nov 21, 2008

Due to a mix-up with psychonautica 58, in this episode of psychonautica Max Freakout plays the first half of the talk by Stanislav Grof called 'psychology of the future, lessons from modern consciousness research' which was intended for episode 58. Grof talks about the similarities between themes encountered in perinatal experiences and state propaganda, the meaning of snakes and spiders in perinatal experiences, the therapeutic, transformative and evolutionary potential of holotropic experiences, the artwork of H.R Giger and its connection to the perinatal matrices, creating a cartography of the human psyche, the conflict between Sigmund Freud and Otto Rank over the importance of the birth trauma for psychopathology, the importance of the perinatal matrices for the cartography of the psyche, the trauma of birth, the 4 perinatal matrices, holistic views in esoteric systems, the relation between parts and the whole, holography and transcending boundaries, systems of condensed experience, healing mechanisms in transpersonal experiences, Grof's 'interview with the devil', modern psychiatry and its lack of a category for transpersonal experiences, unorthodox psychiatry and disputes between different schools of therapeutic theory. Email and join the growing community of friendly psychonauts hanging out at

Playlist: The Orb - Prime Evil