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Dec 19, 2008

In this festive season episode of psychonautica, Max Freakout plays the second part of a 2-part talk by Daniel Pinchbeck from the world psychedelic forum called 'the future of psychedelics'. This is a question and answer session in which Pinchbeck talks about gnosticism and mystery religions, UFOs and crop circles, scepticism and secular materialism, non-human entities encountered in psychedelic trips, the idea of time speeding up towards 2012, Socrates' wisdom and ancient Greek epistemology, the possible input of psychedelic plants to human evolution, the importance of making bold theories and of demanding the impossible, the meaning of the 2012 prophecy, the possibility of major global transformation and deepening awareness, and the idea that time travel might make calenders become obsolete. Email Max at, and join the growing community of friendly psychonauts hanging out at

playlist: Left coast Liquid - desert dwellers