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Apr 24, 2009

In this episode of psychonautica, Max Freakout plays a talk by Ralph Metzner from the World Psychedelic forum called 'Alchemical Divination - healing the past and visioning possible futures'. Metzner talks about the meaning of divination, obtaining knowledge from inner sources such as intuition, the higher self and ancestor spirits, the shamanic worldview, animism and nature spirits, using divination to heal the past and to look into the future for guidance, splintered self-identity following a trauma, the healing process involving re-experiencing and integration, remembering and dismembering, reconnecting what has been disconnected, panic attacks nightmares and flashbacks, the associations of tarot iching and astrology with divination, using altered states for getting out from the rutted frameworks of ordinary thinking, non-rational systems and reconceving assumptions, the importance of rhythmic drumming to shamanic traditions, healing others by understanding the process of healing, shamanism alchemy and yoga as 3 parallel systems of personal holistic transformation, different aspects of yoga and the path to liberationfrom repetitive patterns. After the Metzner talk, Max reads out a trip report involving a major life transformation brought about by psychedelics and family involvement. Email and hang out with the friendly psychonauts at

Playlist: Lawgiverz - LAM

To hear the talk from this episode without the German translation interspersed, download this file: