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Oct 30, 2009

In this fortnight's installment of Psychonautica, Max Freakout first talks about the recent health scare over a toxic batch of 2cb, and talks about the natural/synthetic distinction. Next Max plays the 6th part of the Stanislav Grof seminar 'psychospiritual death and rebirth: a visionary journey'. Grof talks about the swamps of the unconscious mind, the moment of birth and the child-king archetype, the mythic theme of being swallowed and then spat out, Joseph Campbell's formulation of the hero's journey and the universality of this story in world mythology, the feeling of being dead, losing inhibitions at yearly festivals like Mardi Gras, Campbell's take on Dante's Divine Comedy as a timeless map of the death/rebirth experience, walking on fire, the onset of nuclear war, the genie in the lamp, the bombing of Hiroshima, Grof's own ego death experience at the hands of Shiva, classic shamanic themes such as being torn apart during ego death,  merging with the divine light, peacock feathers as reminiscent of psychedelic visions, giving birth to a new self, birth by caesarian section, creationism, evolutionism and the debate over intelligent design and the biblical account of the history of the universe. Afterwards Max reads out an email from Pandora about ego death and coming to terms with the psychedelic experience. Email and hang out with the friendly psychonauts at

Playlist: Deeper in Zen - Ground of Being