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Sep 16, 2011

Hey Dopetribers!

Once again, the third Friday of the month rolls around and I give you a little something to kick back and toke with here on my monthly podcast show: The Scoobysnakks Smoking Session.

It’s a real honour to bring all the listening Dopetribers around the world another bumper packed Smoking Session to add to their collection. Here on Episode 9 we’ll sample some fantastic music from my toking collection, some comedy from the vaults and a little bit of chat from yours truly. I do sincerely hope it’s going to be an hour of fun and entertainment to amuse you, preferably whilst as stoned as possible.

As I’ve mentioned on previous show notes, please feel free to copy, rip, burn, circulate and distribute the show to anyone you think may enjoy it. It’s made with the best of care and always better when shared, just like fine ganja!

If you have enjoyed any or all of the Smoking Sessions series, could you please do Mr Scoobysnakks a small favour.?

Dopetribe LIVE is the 5 hour live radio show I host for and on behalf of the Dopetribe every Sunday @ 7pm UK time. The show is there to give an interactive platform for listeners to the network to meet, chat, interact and exchange views, creativities and ideas. It is fast becoming a regular and popular place for all global Dopetribers to meet. You can interact in many ways including calling the show FREE via Skype and via the online chatroom. DTL also welcomes any submissions in the form of music, video, sound clips and creative contributions but above all we need YOU to tune in. The more listeners we can assemble every Sunday, the more fun the experience will be!

Tuning in could not be easier! All you have to do is direct your browser to: OR here on

We even run a digital server to provide you with the very best of crisp stereo sound. Your listening enjoyment is our priority! PLEASE come and join the gathering, even if just to listen!

If you are unsure of the times of the show in your part of the world click here:

So as yet another month flies past and until the next instalment from me, have yourselves a toketastic month ahead and I’ll see you on Sundays for DTL!

Thanks for listening.



Track List

1. Appaloosa (Ft DJ Dream) – Night Train

2. Guru (Ft Ramsay Lewis + Bahamadia) – Respect The Architect

3. Cirque Du Soleil – Gamelan (Cantoma Remix)

4. Sizzla – Marijuana

5. Leftfield – Storm 3000

6. Jah Roots – Ganja Weed

7. Bruce Cockburn – The Mines Of Mozambique

8. 4 Hero – Star Chasers

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